Jump For Joy!

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Okay, so here is my first (real) update since the absence...

I started a new job recently, and I really like it. The people are fantastic, and aside from the usual politics and religion conversations that take place in the break room (constantly) I enjoy the people I work with.

The other day I walked into the break room to get into my locker and overheard two guys talking about how homosexuality is wrong, and how they refuse to do business with companies who advertise for the gay community. I am not gay, but I was extremely offended. I couldn't believe these two people were simply bashing a group of people they didn't even know! They don't even know anyone who is gay. It's so sad how closed minded people can be.

I didn't want to cause a total scene, so I bit my tongue (hard) and kept my mouth shut. Those who know me will understand how difficult that was.

Another conversation I overheard was about conservative politics, and how George Bush is simply a human making mistakes. Bill Clinton on the other hand was evil. I am not even stretching the truth there. They said evil.

Hmmm, lets get this straight. George Bush can send us to war in Iraq, and lying to the country and his supporters about why we were there, killing thousands of Americans and innocent people in Iraq, and Bill Clinton simply gets a BJ from his intern. Who is evil?

I don't think either one of them are evil.

People make mistakes. I get that. I just don't like liars.