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I found some old letters to the editor of Meridian Magazine online about Mitt Romney and the reported bias against him simply because he was Mormon. Many people claimed that religious freedom was the only thing keeping him from the white house, unfortunately, they didn't seem to recognize the wishy-washy decision making and the lack of real conversation about his beliefs.
I am sorry, but if you, as President of the United States of America believe in a living prophet, who are you going to listen to? Your country? Your cabinet? Military officials? Or will you listen to your prophet who supposedly speaks with God?

As a Mormon you are supposed to sustain the living prophet and follow his guidance. Why would you go out there and claim otherwise?

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the comments I found funny. Of course I have to add my reply...

As members of the Church, why should we be offended because of the bias directed towards us due to Mitt's run for the White House? I'm certainly not offended by it. In fact, we should actually rejoice because of it. I'm sure the Lord and his early followers were treated the same way by the people of their day. It's just more proof that the Church is true!

Umm... that proves the church is true? Don't other religions get the same treatment? Does that make them true? Not very useful logic there.

Even here in Mesa, Arizona, there are churches that actually teach classes against our Church. I am amazed at this. With the Easter pageant and the Christmas lights at the Temple you'd think these folks would get a clue as to what we are about. Satan really does a number on them. Oh, well, their loss.

Well, when Mormons called the Catholic Church the "Great and Abominable Church" they must have received a free pass. It takes a lot more than Easter pageants and Christmas lights to teach people what you are about. People recognize and call out the fact that there is too much secrecy in the Mormon Church, and that makes them assume its a cult. Why the need for secrets if your church is correct? As for the comment that Satan must be doing a number on non-believers, that is actually hurtful and amazingly wrong. It's nice for you to write them off so quickly, too.