What if?

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Lets ask ourselves a question for a second...

What if the mainstream Mormon Church never stopped the practice of polygamy?

Lets face it. The only reason the mainstream church stopped the practice of polygamy is because they wanted Utah territory to become a state. Following the laws of the United States was important for that cause, and they buckled. One day it was important to practice polygamy, as it was essential for getting to the celestial kingdom, and the next day God was asking everyone to knock it off.

Many TBMs have told me that it had nothing at all to do with Utah becoming a state, but the timing is just too close. Sorry. I have to raise the BS flag there just like the time when the church suddenly received "revelation" that African-Americans should be able to hold the priesthood in 78. You can deny it all you want, but the timing speaks for itself. If the church truly believed in polygamy being essential for exaltation, they wouldn't have budged.

If they truly believed polygamy was necessary, they would have continued the practice. My ancestors would have continued sharing their husbands with others, and eventually I would have been born into the fold. It could have been me wearing those old fashioned dresses with my hair braided. I could have been brainwashed so thoroughly that I spoke like a robot. I would have been trained to just obey the priesthood and not think for myself. I would have been married off at 14, 15, or 16 to a fifty year old man, and I would have had to have sex with him in the temple. After all, they did find 3 beds on the top floor of the FLDS temple in Texas. It could have been me.

As I watched the news coverage of the wives giving interviews, I watched them sit there and not answer questions. The news reporter would ask them if 15-16 year old girls were married and pregnant. They would say something like, "We would just like our children back," and "I will not speak of what is sacred to me." Here is a little taste of what I saw. The woman in the middle actually scares me a little. She is out there.

Here is a question to all these wives... Where are your husbands? Why are the women doing all the talking? They have obviously been coached on what to say and what not to say. Many reporters mentioned that the men stood close by but refused to speak at all. Why won't they stand up for what they believe in if it's so sacred? Why wouldn't they be ready to preach it to the world if they really believed it necessary for salvation? Because they know they are going to jail and they are scared.

There is always the question of where all these kids are going to go. Should they be put up for adoption or raised in foster care? Is that better than taking them away from their family? Will they mothers choose religion over their own kids?

I saw mention of a woman in Utah who escaped the polygamous sect a few years ago. One of her daughters and 6 grandkids still lived with the group in Texas. She is now asking for custody of her grandkids. Maybe the custody could be transferred to family members living outside the cult, maybe not.... but its definitely something worth looking into. Each child is a special case, and it's important to find the best thing for that individual child.

There are people I have talked to who say that it is within this group's religious freedom to practice polygamy as they do. I actually agree.

If grown adults make that decision, it's fine. When it is forced upon young children it's a completely different story... little girls being raped by 50 year old men is disgusting and perverted. Regardless of the situation. It's just as sick and wrong as it was when Joseph Smith did it.