FlatLander's Excommunication

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First, let me begin by saying that it is late, I worked a looooooong shift today, and my spelling is going to suck.  Forgive me...

A few months ago, a group of friends and I had a conversation on PostMormon.org talking about the church's stance on gay marriage.

The church claims that it isn't doing anything to tell it's members which way to vote in California (and other states) regarding gay marriage, yet they are asking wealthy members to donate money to their cause and asking other members to volunteer their time, walk door to door, and talk to other members of the church about the church's stance on the issue.  Sure... not telling them what to do... right... *insert photo of Andee rolling her eyes right here*

We were all on the message board wondering what we could do to take a stand on the issue.  I had an idea that people should have a mass resignation over the issue.  The more people agreeing to resign over this, the better.  That is one message the church can't ignore, right?  

Andrew Callahan, aka, Flatlander, put extra time and attention to a website that he named "Signing for Something."  He took the idea and ran with it.  People from all over the world have added their names and letters to the website in support of gay marriage and the church's stance on limiting rights for gay couples.  Every time I visit the website, I nod my head in agreement at the individual's choice of words for the church.  Some letters are angry, some are sad and resigned, and some are just in awe that the church could involve itself in politics in this way and still keep a tax exempt status.

Mr. Callahan knew it was only a matter of time before his involvment would raise eyebrows in the church's heirarchy... and he was right.

A couple weeks ago he had a visit from his bishop.  His bishop, who he considers a friend, wanted to give him the option of resigning his membership from the church before excommunication was discussed.  

I hopped online and saw that Flatlander (again, Mr. Callahan's screenname) had made a thread explaining what had happened to him.  There were many opinions on what he should do.  Resign and take the power away from the church?  

My advice was to make them excommunicate him.

If Mormons leave the church because they disagree with the brethren politically or otherwise, they are almost (almost, I said!) admitting they were wrong.  In my opinion, Mr. Callahan is only standing for what he believes is morally correct.  To resign for that is ridiculous.  I, along with others, told him to wait for the "court of love" and notify the press that the church was threatning him for his personal political beliefs.  I am happy to report he did just that.

Many news stations all over the country (an possibly internationally) have interviewed Andrew Callahan and shared his thoughts on the matter.  This is exactly what the church didn't want.  They wanted him to go away, and they only made it worse.

Applause, Andrew... applause my friend!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is threatening to excommunicate him because he voiced his own opinion and stood his ground publically.  They are basically saying that if you don't do what they say, you are gone.  This is something Mormons shouldn't stand for.  Ever.  Every single person out there has the right to believe and vote for what they want.  

Where would this line of thinking stop?  What if the church decided that polygamy was again needed?  Would they excommunicate people who raised their hands and said, "Ummm, what the fuck?"  

I am hopeful that the recent press that Andrew received has started conversations in the homes of people who might not otherwise consider both sides of the argument.  Conversations like these open eyes and hearts.  

Andrew, congratulations on the results of your hard work.  You are getting recognition, and you deserve every little bit of it.  You had the guts to do what many others wanted to do, but couldn't.

Thank you.