Why Didn't I Think Of This?

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Check out this idea from my idol, Martha Stewart.

These glasses are filled with a yummy white chocolate milk shake and whipped cream.  The faces can be made two ways... 

First, as the Amazing Martha suggests, use melted milk chocolate and paint the faces on the inside of the glasses with a clean paintbrush.  This is fun for kids to do, a nice party activity.

If that sounds too involved for you, or a little too difficult, try getting clear plastic cups and draw the faces on with a sharpie.  

Why didn't I think of that?

Also, check out this no-sew idea for a Halloween Costume.  It uses bubble wrap (who doesn't like playing with bubble wrap?  Some friends of mine and I played with bubble wrap the other night at work.. good times...) to resemble jellyfish arms... awesome idea.

I also love this idea... tulle, and lots of it.  Easy to make, and a huge impact on any party you might be attending.  If I were young enough to dress up and beg for yummies, I would do this!  You could even use black tulle and go as an evil ghost...