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I don't know if I believe in ghosts or not... probably not... although, if I have learned anything over the past year and a half it's that anything is possible.  Not logical, but possible.  The more I learn about photography, the more I understand that these photos can be manipulated in many ways to make them appear to be something they are not.  Who knows?

I have always been interested in all thing paranormal. These are photos from a website called GhostStudy.com.  I don't own these photos or stories, and I don't pretend to. Please check out GhostStudy.com for a HUGE list of ghostly photos. I have shared a couple of these before, but most are new. Check the website out if you have time.  It's pretty cool.

Anthony writes, "This photo was taken last summer and to us it looks like there is a women behind the steering wheel! Please help us to figure out what is going on here?

Picture taken July 2004
Ferry from Dover to Calais (Ferry name Pride Of Aquillia)
We were on our way to Spain; I took a photo using my mobile phone of my wife and 
daughter standing on the deck of the ferry. They were leaning against the white rails you see behind them. As I said, I took the picture and sent it back to a friend in the UK who sent me a text back straight away asking who the person in the center is???? We looked at the photo again after receiving this text and realized that there is a figure standing between my wife and daughter which I didn’t notice when I took the picture. The head is visible but if you look where the torso should be where is it?  

My wife said that to her it felt that our daughters head was resting against her hair but as you can see it wasn’t. As I have said they were both leaning against the rails and it looks like the figure is either standing behind them (impossible no deck just a drop into the sea) or between them.
Also if you look at the rails they are white but the head between my wife and daughter isn't white? It is not the thing they tie the ropes to when in port as these are on the deck and not placed on top of the rails. This is the actual image from the phone and has not been altered or resized in anyway, this is why it is so small. It looks to us to be a male with blonde hair.

Roy writes, "I work in law enforcement for a living, but I am an amateur photographer for a hobby. I was taking a picture of an old truck off of Honey Run Road in Chico, California. I swear that I saw nobody inside of this truck when I took this picture. I even walked right up to it. Later when I downloaded the picture onto my computer, I looked closer at what I thought was part of the rear window and it is clearly a face (close-up above, full image below). It appears to be looking right at me when I took this. Your thoughts? I am thoroughly creeped out."

James writes, "My aunt gave me a digital camera for my birthday and since then my wife and I go to a cemetery to take pictures from the dirt road every so often (mainly because I'm too chicken to go inside in the dark). The cemetery is only about a 1/2 mile from my house and it also has a crematorium. The cemetery was est. in 1874 so it has some old graves. I've gotten 2 pictures of small orbs but nothing like this. To me it looks like the little girl is in a hurry to go somewhere (close-up above, full image below). The only thing is, I went back during the day to take a look and the little girl would have to be only a foot and a half tall. Take a look and tell me what you think."

Tom writes, "A friend sent me a pic of a cathedral that he visited on his trip to America. when I looked at them, I noticed a ghostly figure, and what appears to be a small child, sitting on one of the chairs!!!!I pointed it out to him, and he said it definitely was not there when the photo was taken, but he had been sitting in that exact chair about a minute earlier!!!!!!!!!! weird, huh? ( P.S. I love your site)"

Mark writes, "This a picture of my girlfriend that I took with my camera phone, while we were out at a restaurant at the Burswood Casino in Perth Western Australia. I took it on the 16th Feb, 2005 but to be honest didn't really notice anything until just recently, about a month after it was taken. I've had friends tell me its probably just light glare, or dust but the image there looks way too defined and detailed for simple dust or light refractions.

Nearest I can tell, its a head of girl or old lady, possibly even an orange dress of some sort, maybe. Understand I'm a little skeptical myself but I just cant explain it. You can see the table behind it, through it, even the edge of the table is slightly distorted, refracted even when it passes behind her. Size wise, it would of had to be right behind my girlfriend, on the chair the its head hovers above. Though what makes it even weirder, is the location. A casino restaurant?

I don't know, I leave it up to you to decide what you think, but it was just too weird for me to ignore. My girlfriend wouldn't even look at it. Also there is a guy sitting behind her, you can see part of the grey t-shirt he's wearing. Now this is a non smoking area, its illegal here to smoke in enclosed restaurants. SO that rules out cigarette smoke. Though I bet a lot of smokers wish they could blow smoke faces."