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When I woke up this morning, I knew I had to share something I found online late last night.  I was browsing LDS.org and found lesson plans for children, complete with illustrations, about the entire belief system. 

There are many illustrations and snippets for the teachers and leaders to share with the little ones, these are just a few of them.  To see them all, go here.

Some people obeyed the prophets. Other people obeyed Satan and became wicked.

This one makes me shake my head.  This shares the thought that if people don't obey the Mormon prophet, they are wicked.  Therefore, anyone who isn't Mormon is wicked.  I know some might agree with that, but put yourself in a small child's place when you hear that.  Obey the prophet = good.  Not obeying the prophet = evil.  That is just sad.  There are many people in the world who are more than "good," that are of a different faith.  This, to me, is an example of conditioning small kids to think a certain way... and yes, I know other churches and religions do this too...

The church that Jesus had started was gone. People started churches of their own. They changed many of the teachings of Jesus. They also changed some of the commandments.

Really?  Where is the proof that these churches changed anything?  Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in any religion... but the church is very clearly showing a Catholic priest, a cross, and they are baptizing a baby.  They are telling the kids that these people have it wrong, and the Mormon Church has it right.  What would a little kid then think about his or her Catholic friends at school?  Would that child assume that they were going down the wrong path?  That they were headed for Hell?  Maybe, maybe not... I just don't care for the way this was approached.

Joseph Smith’s family was poor and needed money. Joseph wanted to help his family, so he went to the state of Pennsylvania to work. He lived with a man named Mr. Hale.

Of course, they leave out the part where Joseph used a seer stone to try and find buried treasure at properties all over Pennsylvania (other places too, if I am not mistaken) and Mr. Hale was pretty annoyed with Joe.  Joseph Smith was trying to make money by glass-looking, or treasure seeking. Mr. Hale felt Joseph Smith was a con artist.  That is a good assumption, Mr. Hale.  Very good assumption, indeed.

Many people heard about Joseph receiving the gold plates. They tried to steal the plates from him, but he hid them where they could not be found. God helped Joseph keep the gold plates safe.

Or, the plates never existed and Joseph Smith told people he had to hide them so they wouldn't ask to see them.  Even those who claimed to have seen the plates in the introduction of the Book of Mormon saw the plates with their "Spiritual Eyes."  Is this explained to the kids?  No.  As a matter of fact, it's not explained to ANYONE.  Shady.

In Pennsylvania, Joseph began to translate the writing on the gold plates. He did not know what the writing meant, but when he used the Urim and Thummim, God helped him understand the words.

This illustration is a perfect example of the church being intentionally dishonest to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Where is the seer stone and his top hat?  Why are the golden plates even in the room?  Many of Joseph's scribes mentioned that the plates were somewhere else entirely during the "translating" sessions.  There is no honesty here.  None.  Children are visual.  They look at images like that, and remember them.  They go through their entire lives thinking, "I know exactly how it happened."  They don't... and I would know.

Martin Harris wanted to take the 116 pages home so his family could see them. Joseph asked the Lord if Martin could take the pages, but the Lord said no. Joseph asked again, but the Lord said no again.

Martin still wanted to take the pages home. He pleaded with Joseph to ask the Lord once more. This time the Lord said Martin could take the pages if he agreed to show them only to his wife and certain other members of his family.

Where is the logic here?  Wait, I know better than to ask that question... don't I?

If God is all knowing, all powerful, wouldn't he know what would happen if Martin Harris took the pages?  It also sounds as if God is an annoyed parent in a way.  It's like a small kid asking his parents if he can ride his bike out of the neighborhood or something.  They parents shake their heads and say no.  They say no again... and then when the kid doesn't let up, they give in.  Would God really do that?  I sure as hell don't think so.  It makes no sense.  The Book of Mormon was supposed to help Joe restore the church, would God really take a chance with some of those pages ending up missing?  Nope.  Falsehood here.

Jesus told Joseph that Satan had influenced some wicked men to take the 116 pages. These men were going to change the words so other people would not believe the Book of Mormon. Jesus said Satan and the wicked men could not stop God’s work.

That isn't what happened at all!

Martin Harris' wife hid the pages to see if Joseph Smith could re-translate the Book of Mormon word for word.  She knew that if he were a true prophet, and the Book of Mormon and the golden plates were from God as he claimed, that it wouldn't be a problem for him to do it again.

Of course, it became a problem for Joseph Smith.  He concocted a story claiming that God was angry with him and that the pages were lost forever.  Convenient, isn't it?  He couldn't translate those pages again, and he knew it!  He then lied to cover his tracks.  Why didn't they tell the kids about Harris' wife doing the truth check?  Because that leads to questions... and those questions lead to thinkers.

Joseph repented. Soon Moroni returned the gold plates, and the Lord forgave Joseph and restored the gift to translate. Jesus told Joseph not to worry about the lost pages because the same stories were written in another part of the gold plates. Jesus said Joseph should translate the other part of the plates. Jesus also said many people would read the Book of Mormon and learn about His gospel.

Again, that is pretty damned convenient, isn't it?  

Why in the world would God punish him if was something that he could later "not worry about."  It makes it seem as if it wasn't a big deal at all!  This whole part just screams, "LIE!" doesn't it?

Joseph took the three witnesses into the woods, where they prayed. An angel came and showed them the gold plates. Jesus told the three witnesses to tell people what they had seen.

Ahh, but had they really seen it?

This illustration shows Joseph Smith physically showing the gold plates to the three witnesses.  Is that how it happened?  Once you start reading on this subject, you are amazed to learn that all three witnesses saw the plates with their "spiritual eyes."  They didn't see the physical plates, they saw the plates in their minds while praying.  Big, big difference.

Joseph took the three witnesses into the woods, where they prayed. An angel came and showed them the gold plates. Jesus told the three witnesses to tell people what they had seen. Jesus told Joseph to show the plates to eight more witnesses. The eight men held the gold plates in their hands and saw the writing on the plates.

Hmmm... that is interesting... Here are some quotes about the witnesses as well as quotes from all of the witnesses at later points in their lives...

OLIVER COWDERY - Was born in Wells, Vermont in 1806. He learned about JS and his alleged vision, when he was boarding in the home of JS’s parents. Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith were third cousins. At the time, his profession was as a clerk, and schoolteacher. In 1829 he was baptized. He signed his name as witness to the BoM in 1830 at the age of 24. On December 18, 1832, he married Elizabeth Ann Whitmer, who was the daughter of Peter Whitmer [one of the 8 witnesses to the BoM] and sister of David Whitmer [one of the 3 witnesses]. He and Elizabeth had six children. Only one daughter, Maria Louise Cowdery, reached adulthood. In 1834 he served as Assistant President of the Church. Oliver had many issues with the early church, as well as personally with JS. Many say his final breaking point with the church stemmed from his unwillingness to accept the revelation concerning plural marriage. He was EXCOMMUNICATED on April 12, 1838. After his excommunication he studied law and became an attorney. In 1848, ten years after he was excommunicated, Oliver re-applied for membership in the church and was re-baptized. He never again held office within the church. Oliver Cowdery died in March of 1850 in Richmond, Missouri at the age of forty-three. He did not die in Utah, but at the home of fellow witness David Whitmer, who had been excommunicated from the church.

July 1938 - The Church's Elders' Journal stated "... on account of the unfaithfulness of Oliver Cowdery ... and [his] opposition to our beloved brother Joseph Smith, Jr ... [he has] been excluded from fellowship." 

In 1841 the Mormons published a poem which stated "... Or Book of Mormon not his word, because denied by Oliver...". Seasons and Times, Vol 2, p482.

DAVID WHITMER - Was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1805 and was raised in a Presbyterian home. In 1828 he heard about JS through Oliver Cowdery, while visiting Palmyra NY, on a business trip. He served as a scribe to JS during the alleged translation period in 1829 at the age of 24. He was baptized into the church in 1830. He married Julia Ann Jolly 1831, and they had two children. He left the church in 1937 and was labeled an apostate. He was subsequently EXCOMMUNICATED in 1838. He was requested to lead the RLDS church, but declined their offer and any affiliation with them. He died in Richmond Missouri in 1888 at the age of 83 years old and never re-joined the church.

"If you believe my testimony to the Book of Mormon; if you believe that God spake to us three witnesses by his own voice, then I tell you that in June, 1838, God spake to me again by his own voice from the heavens, and told me to 'separate myself from among the Latter-day Saints'... [Address to all believers in Christ, p27, 1887.]

MARTIN HARRIS – Was born in Easttown, New York in 1783. He moved with his family to Palmyra NY when he was 9 years old. He met JS in 1827 at the age of 44. At the time he was married to his first-cousin, Lucy Harris and they had three children together. Harris served as JS’s first scribe for the alleged BoM in 1828 at the age of 45, but was removed shortly thereafter, for making sarcastic remarks. He was later re-instated as a scribe shortly after providing JS with $3,000 for expense of printing the first edition of the BoM. In [D&C Sec. 58 – 35] it talks about Harris being the first one called of God, by name to set the example before the church in laying his money before the Bishop. After the death of his wife Lucy, he married Caroline Young in 1837 and had 5 children with her. He was EXCOMMUNICATED in 1837. Five years after his excommunication, he was re-baptized in 1842. He was excommunicated AGAIN for the SECOND TIME, in 1842. He was subsequently re-baptized in 1870, 28 years after his second excommunication. During his life span, Harris changed his religious affiliation over 13 times. He died in 1875 in Clarkston Utah at the age of 92 years old after suffering a debilitating stroke. 

The Mormons stated of Martin Harris, and a few other men within the pages of the church's official newspaper at the time, "a lying deceptive spirit attend them ... they are of their father, the devil ... The very countenance of Harris will show to every spiritual-minded person who sees him, that the wrath of God is upon him." [Latter-Day Saint's, Millennial Star, Vol 8 pp124-128.]

CHRISTIAN WHITMER – born Jan 18, 1798 Penn.- Married Feb 22, 1827 to Anne Schott. Baptized April 11, 1830 – June 1830 / ordained teacher, 1831 ordained elder, Aug 21, 1833 ordained high priest - Died Nov 27, 1835 – Died 6 years after his testimony in the BOM ... BEFORE his other family members were Excommunicated.

JACOB WHITMER - born Jan 27, 1800 Penn - Married Sept 29, 1825 - Baptized April 11, 1830 - 1838 - VOLUNTARILY LEFT THE CHURCH - Died April 21, 1856

PETER WHITMER, JR. – born Sept 27, 1809 Fayette, Seneca Co, NY - Married Oct 14, 1832 Vashti Higley - June 9, 1830 baptized & ordained elder - Oct 25, 1831 ordained high priest - Died Sept 22, 1836 – Died 7 years after his testimony in the BOM ... BEFORE his other family members were Excommunicated.

JOHN WHITMER - Son of Peter Whitmer, Sr. and Mary (Musselman). Born August 27, 1802. Married Sarah Maria (Jackson). EXCOMMUNICATED in 1838. Died on 11 July 1878.

HIRAM PAGE - Born 1800 Vermont - Married Nov 10, 1825 to Catherine Whitmer - Baptized April 11, 1830 - June 9, 1830 ordained teacher - Hiram remained affiliated with David Whitmer while considering the possibility of establishing a religious alternative to institutional Mormonism. In 1838 VOLUNTARILY LEFT THE CHURCH when members of Whitmer family were excommunicated. Died Aug 12, 1852

– [Father of JS] - Born 1771, Topsfield, Massachusetts - Married Lucy Mack 1796; eleven children - Baptized April 6, 1830 - Mission to St. Lawrence County, New York 1830 - Ordained to the High Priesthood 1831 - Ordained Patriarch to the Church 1833 - Appointed Assistant Counselor to First Presidency 1837 - Died 1840 of consumption, Nauvoo, Illinois.

HYRUM SMITH – [Brother to JS] - Born 1804 Tunbridge, Vermont - Baptized 1829 - Assistant President of the Church, 1834 - Counselor in the First Presidency - Patriarch to the Church - Named Second Elder of the Church following Oliver Cowdery's excommunication - Associate President of the Church – Died in 1844 Carthage, Illinois with his brother JS.

SAMUEL H. SMITH – [Brother to JS] - born March 13, 1808 - b. Tunbridge, Orange Co, VT - Married Aug 13, 1834 Mary Bailey - June 9, 1830 ordained elder - June 3, 1831 ordained high priest - 1834-38 member of Kirtland High Council - March 1838 moved to Far West - January 1841 called to Presiding Bishopric of church - Died July 30, 1844.

Notice how many of those witnesses were family members?  Seems a little fishy, eh?  Maybe it's just me, but I don't think the men were objective about the plates at all.  They claimed to have seen the plates because their family members were depending on them.  

I could be wrong, but... I don't think so.



  1. Becky Says:

    You know, I really appreciated your post. One of the things I've had a hard time coming to terms with is the fact that not only did I teach other people's children this stuff, I taught my own kids it, too. I'm so glad my kids saw the light and left with us....but I still think about those kids I taught besides my own and it breaks my heart.

  1. tucanchild Says:

    My favorite part of your post is that 6 of the 11 witnesses were excommunicated or left at some point. Smart, smart, smart!!!

  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Nor do I.

  1. Andee Says:

    There is another part coming later today from more children's manuals.

    How do they go around telling other people to be honest and truthful and then do crap like this? These are just lies! Anyone with a computer can prove it.



  1. oceanwoman Says:

    Hey there...this information is excellent! I really truly do feel sorry for mormon youth, because this is deception at its finest!! It is what happened to me as an adult convert.. UM, do you mind if I reference your blog?? with this info?? Lilly

  1. Andee Says:

    Oceanwoman, welcome to the blog! Please post as much as you want! I would love to hear your story.

    It is horrible that they lie to kids this way, and it's so blatant! They don't even care that the right info is out there. They will teach the kids to stay away from it.

    Mind control at it's finest.