Gingerbread Haunted House Disaster

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My Goal

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I bought a kit to make a haunted gingerbread house for Halloween.  I was excited to get started this morning, so I cleaned the kitchen to make sure I had a lot of surface to work with, I put on some drabby clothes in case I made a mess of myself, and I opened up the box and read the instructions.

I was trying to do everything the way it said, and I thought I was doing well until time came to build the structure of the house.  I had one wall and the front of the house put together, and I was doing my best to hold them steady so the black icing would dry.  It wouldn't dry.  Maybe I am impatient, but it was taking forever.  I had one pastry bag of black icing, and one bag of orange, and it was taking nearly all the black icing to get the walls up!  I was discouraged, and I wasn't sure what to do.

I decided to take a break and think about some options.  I have powdered sugar, eggs and water, and I had the ability to make white icing if I needed it.  I decided that the house could be a black structure with white and orange details.  Wrong.

I washed my hands and went back to the table to get back to work... and I saw it... the black pastry bag had somehow opened and there was black EVERYWHERE.  All over everything.  I could have cried.  Ugh.  It took me a while to clean up the mess.  Now my gingerbread pieces are covered in a thick film of black... maybe I can still make it work.  It can be an "artsy" house.  

I am done with it for the day.  What a freaking nightmare!