Polygamy and Gay Marriage

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I have mentioned many times how hypocritical the church is for telling people who they can or cannot marry.  The church was told that it couldn't practice polygamy, and kept practicing it in secret until it finally stopped... what was once something needed for celestial glory became unimportant in a short time span.  No doubt the leaders of the day fought like hell to save plural marriage, but they were unsuccessful.

So, the church members know what it is like to be told who you can and cannot marry.  They dealt with that very thing and they didn't care for it.

Now they are trying to do it to someone else?  Ugh. How stupid.

Someone brought up a point that I hadn't thought much about...

What if the church is concerned that the members would feel they should again practice polygamy if they felt the law would support it?


Of course, I still think that the leaders are simply bigots who have no idea what the hell they are doing right now.