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Since I have to go back to work tomorrow (sigh) I spent quite a lot of time on today to chat with my friends and check in with them. These are wonderful people, I can't say enough good things about them.

I found a post titled "Contradictions" and started reading. It basically pointed out all the contradictions we notice in the Mormon Church. I can't take credit for these gems, I just thought they were great.

  • When a gypsy looks into a crystal ball she is a fraud at best, but...
  • When Joseph Smith looks into a seer stone he is a prophet of God.
  • When the Catholic Church changed “saving ordinances” it was apostasy.
  • When the Mormon Church changed “saving ordinances” it was a revelation from God.
  • When the guy next door cheats on his wife he’s committing adultery.
  • When Joseph Smith cheats on his wife he’s keeping the commandments of God.
  • The Haun’s Mill Massacre was an event worth remembering.
  • The Mountain Meadows Massacre was an event worth forgetting.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses are a a bunch of weird, annoying cultists who go around banging on doors and bothering people.
  • LDS missionaries are representatives of Jesus Christ, emissaries of our Heavenly Father, sent to bring you the message of the restoration and eternal life.
  • Folgers and Mountain Dew. Depends on the color of the caffeine.
  • When someone defies their family’s religious beliefs to join the Mormon Church – they are martyrs and protagonists.
  • When someone defies their families Mormon religious beliefs to join another church - they are pariahs and antagonists.
  • Those who proudly don Mormon undies for protection yet their eyes get crossed when a crucifix is worn.
  • When Mormons bring new members in its called fellowshipping
  • When Scientologists bring new members in its called brainwashing
  • When you accept the doctorines of the church you are inspired.
  • When you reject the doctorines of the church you are controlled by Satan.
  • "We believe in education of the mind. Yessss, sir! Broaden the mind, we say.
  • BUT, you can only study from "approved" books. Anything else is all lies and "of the devil!"
  • Go forth, be fruitful and mulitply.
  • Sex is bad.
  • It's About Family
  • Ok Dad is at Preisthood meeting, Mom is running the Enrichment Night, Older sis is at YM, Big bro is playing basketball with the ward, and the younger ones stay in the nursery... Ahhhhh family...
  • Secret combinations are evil, are of the devil, etc... as are death oaths. or whatever you want to call them
  • Yet in the Temple, it is nothing but death oath after death oath to protect and bring forth the "Kingdom of God"
  • We came into this world without a memory of the previous one.
  • God makes us responsible for that which we don't remember.
  • God gave us a HEART and a MIND.
  • Only use your heart when deciphering truth about God.
  • We believe in being honest, true, chaste benevolent, virtuous, et al..
  • "Sometimes what is true, is not very useful" (Boyd K. Packer)
  • Emphasis on family relationships
  • Yet non-LDS family members are excluded from being able to see their OWN children/siblings/parents get married...ultimate slap in the face. Parents allowed to have little contact with missionary children. Parents made busy and distracted by time-consuming and burdening callings. Bishops take our minor children behind close doors to ask them personal and intimate questions for worthiness interviews.
My thanks to all the postMo minds that put those together. It makes ya think... well, at least it should make you think.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    that is so good.!

  1. Nicko Says:

    It does make me think Sydney, but perhaps not in the manner you are suggesting.

    After reviewing your list (from the supposed 'POST'Mormons) it just makes me realise that in essence, the list is trying to make out that there is something intelligent amongst the dialectic. Something amazingly contradictory that Mormon's just seem to ignore or something.

    I'm sorry to say, but the list appears incredibly unintelligent if anything. What has been done is a picking on apparent doctrine of the church and then finding its nearest opposite to attempt in some fleeting manner to suggest that we are ambivalent at best.

    May I suggest that most of what you have written on that list is not doctrine. The Church does not produce official prognosis of Caffeine. It has never produced documentation outlining JW's as 'annoying cultists' (in fact I believe they are one of the most devoted religions in the world). It does not profess to suggest that those wearing crucifix's are somehow evil compared to those wearing garments. It does not suggest that Scientology is a brainwashing religion. I have never read someone suggest that we should not read widely except if it contains pornographic content. I have also never heard anyone suggest that SEX is bad. Most suggest it is sacred and special.

    Again the PostMo list is based on your own and others personal feelings and opinions, not the dogma of the church. It leaves me with a feeling that is all the less intelligence provoking and more emotionally annoying.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    all of those are so wrong and not based with any facts and dont depict our beliefs at all

  1. Sydney Says:

    Just found the time to respond to anonymous who posted on April 6th.

    I know what your beliefs are, I have been in the church for 29 years. These things are more than fact, they are from experience from people just like me who find the contradictions too much to take.

    Maybe you don't really understand that.