Looks Like a Windy Day

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I have obviously been noticed by many people who feel they have to insult me personally instead of backup their point of view with facts. It's not going to stop me, and the only thing it does is show how little you really know about loving your fellow man.

The insults are going to continue, and I can take it. It takes a really big person to be an internet bully, doesn't it?

I am not going to reply to any of these comments anymore. They are pointless. If you have something smart and interesting to add to the conversation, bring it on. I welcome it.

My views are going to stay the same, and my blog will continue regardless of what any of these comments say. You are only wasting your own time by making them... but, whatever floats your boat. No skin off my back.




  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am one of those people that have insulted you. I apoligize

  1. Soy Yo Says:

    I think you rock...no insults from me!
    Daisy MAy

  1. Sydney Says:

    Thank you Daisy May! You rock too! *hugs*

  1. Anonymous Says:


    I'm going to leave your comments on the insults behind. You know I have said that I don't believe its right at all. But you seem to find no problem firing shots at me and my 'so called' no nothing knowledge. I'll put that aside.

    But you say that if you have something worthwhilst debating, bring it on. I have questioned you on various points you have brought up numerous times, but you seem to either graze over it by saying something fleeting like 'JS was a very charismatic man' and 'I have many friends who are very smart'.

    I've defended my position with reference to research performed outside of the church, but your responses never come or are not researched at all.

    I'm left to consider that you are so into the 'postmormon - which I assume is trying to emulate the postmodern thought - that is bizarre in itself since there is nothing postmodern about it at all - that you leave serious questions aside.

    But I might be completely wrong I dunno. You might be thinking 'I'd be wasting my time' and to be honest, that is what I'm starting to think too.

    Again, it all hinges on whether the BoM is true or not. And to me, you've never rationally explained it.

    I don't hate you Sydney. I do hate the fact that you displayed all that stuff on the temple and garments despite the fact that you know these hold deep and very personal meanings to people like me. But I still don't hate you nor have I ever insulted you.

    I do hope you find happiness in your life. I have this sneaky suspicion that Utah life is alot different to the world outside. I'd not like to live there personally. But do know, there is a wide world out there, full of people with their blinkers off.

    I'm trying desperately to work out this 'blog' thing so I can get one up so 'once' it happens, I'll have a real tag, instead of looking like a lost wanderer! But just so you know, I mainly like to debate social, political and economic stuff rather than religious (but I don't mind doing that too). I dunno if that would be too boring for you, cause honestly sometimes I find it quite dry....


  1. Sydney Says:


    I wasn't talking about you.