Hate Crime

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This morning I ran across something close to my heart while watching the news on television. Ellen Degeneres talked about the murder of 15 year old. He was killed simply because he was gay. The show will air on Friday.

His name was Lawrence King, and he was a brave young man. He came out of the closet to his friends and family to face ridicule and harassment. On Valentine's Day he asked a fellow classmate to be his Valentine, and that young boy thought the proper response was murder.

I completely agree with Ellen Degeneres when she says that, "We have to change the message," that being gay is wrong.

My best friend in high school was gay. I was the only one he told, and I kept that secret for him for a long time. He dealt with depression. He was depressed because he couldn't live how he wanted to live. He was depressed because he was Mormon, and if he came out to his family he would be hurting his family very much... especially his Mother. He thought of taking his own life, and I am thankful he called and talked to me before he did anything. He is now out of the closet with everyone, he has tons of friends, and he doesn't live in shame.

Why is it that being gay is so wrong to some people? My own cousin once told me that being gay was, "Ewww!" They didn't know anyone gay. They had nothing to base their opinion on other than growing up in the conservative state and family they grew up with.

I have always been a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres. She is funny as hell, kind, smart, and above all an amazing person. I remember when she came out of the closet 10 years ago and how everyone was talking about her. It was such a big deal at the time, and she went through a lot both in her career and her "regular life," because she was honest.

Please talk with your kids, family, friends... have discussions about this. We have to stop discrimination. We can't wait for someone else to do it for us.