Starburst and Concrete Floors

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Today was rough. I started a new job a couple weeks ago, and my new work schedule is killer. It's okay though, I like this job and it's good money. There are lots of things I will be able to do in the future thanks to this position. I am thankful. My feet, however, are not.

Standing on concrete floors hurts every joint in my body. It always has... even when I was little. I remember going to Sam's Club with my Dad and he would complain about the same thing. I guess it's hereditary. I need to get some better shoes and some insoles so I can be "Gellin."

Roomie works with me, and since our schedules don't sync up, we have to wait for each other to be done with work so we can drive home together (we share a vehicle). I had to wait for 2 hours for roomie after my shift.

There I was, feet propped up on a chair in the breakroom, and I was reading a fantastic novel. I was hungry, so I hobbled up to the candy machine and bought a pack of starburst. Then I was thirsty and hobbled my way to the soda machine for a Diet Coke (nectar of the Gods). That is how I spent the past two hours... reading, eating, drinking. You would think I would be completely rested and ready for a night of internet fun, but I am still exhausted. What the hell?

Here are a couple photos I took over the weekend, hope you like 'em. Toodles till later!