Rant Time

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I have been working with the public for over 10 years. I like people. I do. Well... I like most people. I like people who are patient and understanding. I like people who treat others with respect and above all, I like people who admit when they were wrong. Why couldn't I have run into any of these people today?

Lets start early in the morning about 7:15 am, roomie and I stop by a gas station for coffee and gum, and get in line for a cash register. There are not many people in the little market, so I figured we wouldn't be there long. Boy was I wrong. The guy in front of us was just yelling and screaming at the poor lady behind the counter because his credit card was declined. Why is that her fault? I immediately broke into the conversation and stuck up for her and told the asshole that he should put his stuff back and leave the nice lady alone. How dare he? She was just doing her job. She was almost in tears by the time the guy left screaming that he was going to tell everyone what bitch she was. Amazing. Roomie and I pay for our stuff, I give my new friend a hug, and we head off to work.

We got onto main street and we were immediately cut off by some girl (who couldn't have been older than 17 tops) not paying attention to the road because she was screaming into her cell phone. We could have been killed. She could have been killed. Cell phones while driving should be outlawed everywhere in the world.

We pull into our place of employment, clock in, and work.

4 hours later we are off on our lunch break. We decided to go to a fast food place and get something totally bad for us for a change. It was delicious. We were sitting in the parking lot enjoying our meals of greasy hamburgers and tater-tots, when we saw a guy in a huge SUV pull up through the drive-thru. I don't know what could have happened to set this guy off, but he started honking his horn and yelling at the speaker for about 5 minutes. It was the first time since I moved to Utah that I wished I had a cell phone. The guy then threw his morning coffee all over the display unit/speaker of the restaurant. Nothing should make you angry enough to freak out that bad. If I wasn't concerned for my own physical safety I would have said something.

We go back to our place of employment, clock back in, and work.

On the way home we needed to stop at the grocery store. It had been a long time since I had been to this particular store, and I got a little turned around. I stopped and asked a worker if she could tell me where to find the stationary, and she couldn't. She didn't offer to help me find it, or to find someone to help me find it... she just left and said, "Sorry." That is so messed up.

When we were checking out roomie asked for a pack of cigarettes and the checker rolled his eyes at us because he had to go and pick up the cigarettes. For the record, I don't smoke, I never have... and I am trying my hardest to get roomie to quit the cancer sticks. Checkout boy comes back and asks roomie for his ID. There is no way in the world you could look at roomie and not think he is over 18. Roomie complied and took it as a compliment. Checker boy studied his Florida ID (Yeah, we have been lazy and we still haven't renewed our liscenses in Utah) and stared at his face for a really long time. It was so dumb. Just look at the birthdate kid... it's right there.

On our way home we couldn't help but think about how many people had pissed us off that day. We agreed to chill out at home tonight and watch television. We just want to be around sane people for the rest of the day.

I hope everyone else had a better day than I did.