Ghosties II

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I have no idea why, but I have ghosts on the brain again. I find these photos fascinating whether they are real or fake. As always the photos come from, a fantastic website that I love. It's worth checking out.

Mark writes, "This a picture of my girlfriend that I took with my camera phone, while we were out at a restaurant at the Burswood Casino in Perth Western Australia. I took it on the 16th Feb, 2005 but to be honest didn't really notice anything until just recently, about a month after it was taken. I've had friends tell me its probably just light glare, or dust but the image there looks way too defined and detailed for simple dust or light refractions. Nearest I can tell, its a head of girl or old lady, possibly even an orange dress of some sort, maybe. Understand I'm a little skeptical myself but I just cant explain it. You can see the table behind it, through it, even the edge of the table is slightly distorted, refracted even when it passes behind her. Size wise, it would of had to be right behind my girlfriend, on the chair the its head hovers above. Though what makes it even weirder, is the location. A casino restaurant? I don't know, I leave it up to you to decide what you think, but it was just too weird for me to ignore. My girlfriend wouldn't even look at it. Also there is a guy sitting behind her, you can see part of the grey t-shirt he's wearing. Now this is a non smoking area, its illegal here to smoke in enclosed restaurants. SO that rules out cigarette smoke. Though I bet a lot of smokers wish they could blow smoke faces."

The two at the castle are taken at different angles at different time's! You are going to have to zoom in on these two on the second floor on each side are windows next to each other! Look at the figure in white in the middle window. Again in the other photo but standing different looking out at sea! Could you explain this to me am I imagining this? This is taken at the Camelot Castle Hotel (King Arthur's Castle Hotel) Thanks.