Kitchen Time

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I love to cook, I love to bake. So when I was done with posting about the furniture I fell in love with I couldn't wait to look around for items for my dream kitchen and dining room. It would definitely have a retro flair to it, and I would keep it in the greens/browns color scheme.

I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer, and I would get a lime green one. These things are fantastic for everything from cookie dough to meringue. $349
I love this sink because it gives you tons of room to prepare your food. It would be easy to wash and clean veggies in a sink like this. It's really nice. $1225I love these glasses because they are stemless. It's a nice touch, and the colors are nice. They would also be great to serve deserts. $2.50 each

This pitcher resembles a beaker, and definitely makes a statement. $5.95

I love these dishes from CB2. The colors are perfect, and they have a great touch of nature. $4.95-$9.95 each. Not too bad.

I bought a set of these when I lived in Orlando for kabobs. They were fantastic! They add flavor and aroma to the meal. $4.99


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  1. malkie Says:

    You lived in Orlando for kebabs?

    I like kebabs, but I wouldn't say I live for them, nor would I go to live in Orlando for them. But that's just me! YMMV