Who Isn't Leaving Who Alone?

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Someone made the "You can leave the Church, but you can't leave the Church alone," comment to me this afternoon. I haven't left the church officially... yet. I plan to in a couple weeks. I don't plan on ever leaving it alone.

If TBMs are going to take offense to the things I have to say on this blog, we can just call it even... because I take offense to being lied to, having missionaries stop by my apartment 3 times a week, little boys stopping by my place asking me for fast offerings, the relief society president leaving me tons of papers about what I should and shouldn't be doing with my life... the list goes on.

Do you know how rude it is to preach to people you don't know? Do you know how offensive it is? If you think having 19 year olds go on a two-year mission preaching that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God is God's work, you can deal with me going on an online mission to tell people the honest truth. He wasn't a good man. He wasn't. The Church leaders know it too... thats why they don't want you to go to certain websites and tell you that they are "anti-Mormon."

The simple fact that someone tells you what you should read and what you shouldn't read should SCARE YOU!!!!

I walked out my door about an hour ago and found that the ward had left me more things on my doorstep. Should I go out there and put pamphlets on their doorsteps? Wouldn't that be fair? I could stand outside of churches telling people not to go in there because the people inside were spreading lies.

Sorry, I really needed to rant.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    you rant all you want ....there are those of us who are out here saying Amen sista:) I have a funny story to share. We went out to lunch with my MIL yesterday and she said SHE MET WITH OUR BISHOP last week. Seriously....it made me giggle. As she was walking into his office the RS, EQ, HP leaders were walking out discussing how to visit us even though we had been asked not to be visited...incognito:) good stuff!

    For every pamphlet they left on my porch I would sign them up for online mailing lists of church groups in the neighborhood. If you haven't been removed from the roster you have their info too...

    pay backs a bi-otch

    _daisy may

  1. Sydney Says:

    I am assuming your bishop is different from her bishop... did your husband leave the church with you? It's awesome if he did because there is less friction about certain issues.

    It's really messed up in my opinion. She had no business going to your bishop like that. You are a grown woman and you have the right to live your life how you see fit.

    There are so many boundary issues in the Mormon church I can't even see straight.

  1. Soy Yo Says:

    Hey girl....you dont need to post this comment...but yes my dh and I both left the church. Nice huh!

  1. Sydney Says:

    I hope you don't mind that I did publish it. :)

    It's beyond nice. So many marriages break up when one spouse decides the church is false and the other continues to be TBM... it doesn't help when the temple recommend questions ask if you associate with anyone who disagrees with the church and it's teachings.

    I am really happy for you. Live life!

  1. paranoidfr33k Says:

    Do my local leaders/neighbors not care about me? They don't bother me.

    Actually, I'm counting my blessings becuase I don't want the crap they'll dish out once they get wind that I think the church is a fraud.

    Here's to slipping under the radar for the moment.