Working With People

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I now work for a very large company. I am in customer service, and I love to help people... I like getting to know a little about them, and make their day a little better. Maybe solve a problem, or even just make them smile or giggle a little. It's nice.

Since I now get to take my breaks in a break room that is a little smaller than I am used to (lets be frank, I worked at huge theme parks in Orlando, and their break rooms had tiny snack bars and televisions with internet access) I get to speak with my co-workers and get to know them a little more. I like them all. I really mean that, I like some more than others, but they are all good people.

People get to talking about politics and religion in the break room often. Many of these people support the war, and are quick to point out that we need another republican in office when Bushie leaves. I don't want to argue with my new friends, so when politics come up, I bury my head in my novel and keep my mouth shut. Who knows how long that will last... you know me. I like to share my opinion.

I have been asked many times to church events by my new co-workers, and most of them wonder why in the world I am not married with kids by now. Young men are quick to tell me they served a mission, and where. There is much conversation of BYU and it's athletics, as well as temple work and upcoming weddings. I have no plans on explaining my situation to any of them, because it might stop advancement in the company. I think it's sad to say that, but I believe it.

Unfortunately, when people in Utah find out I am in the process of leaving the Mormon Church, they judge me. I am going to put that off as long as possible. I want them to know me for me first. Hopefully it works out. I will keep you all posted.