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I have written about tithing before, but I have money on the brain.

Mormons are asked to give 10% of everything they earn to the Church. Other churches also ask for donations, but don't keep track of who gives how much. A collection plate passed down a pew is different than being called into your bishop's office to discuss if you are giving a full tithe. All Mormon's have a yearly meeting with their bishop for this very topic. If the bishop determines that they are not giving a full 10%, he can take away their temple recommend.

What happens when you take someone's temple recommend? Maybe nothing. But, it could also lead to being very ashamed and guilty if you miss a loved ones temple wedding or ward trips to the temple. People in your ward will immediately know something is up, and the rumor mill starts going.

  • Did he/she sin?
  • He/She must be having an affair!
  • You know, I heard they had coffee in their cabinets!

I have personally heard these statements come from the mouth's of my young women's and relief society "friends."

There are many stories that go along with tithing. Many claim that tithing is like "fire insurance" from God. If you pay your tithing, you will be blessed. If you pay your tithing, you will always have enough to take care of your family. I have even heard my own family members say, "I was so blessed this past year, and it's because I paid my tithing." Aren't non-Mormon families also blessed? Yes. Claiming your good year has little to do with a multi-billion dollar church taking ten percent of your earnings is ridiculous.

The money means a lot. Not only do you have to pay tithing, but you are also asked to donate fast offerings. They send teenage boys out on fast Sunday (usually the first Sunday of the month) that knock on doors in the neighborhood and ask for money. My little brother had to do this a couple times and he found it humiliating. It was another reason he stopped going to church.

If you or your child wants to go on a mission for the church (and lets face it... if you are an able-bodied 19 year old boy that doesn't go on a mission, you will be talked about, shunned, and no girl will want to marry you) you have to pay for it yourself. Tithing does not go for the missionaries at all. If you are paying money for your child's mission, you still must continue to pay your tithing at the same time. Many families have a hard time managing this, and bishops usually ask them to pay their tithing and they will ask others to help with the missionary fund.

The church is obviously wealthy. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. They own companies like newspapers, television and radio stations, and soooo much more. They make money from their companies, as well as get money via tithing from the members.

Many PostMormons are upset about the money being spent on a mall in Salt Lake City, and I am one of them. The Church is paying close to 2 billion dollars to buy, renovate, and reopen this mall.

2 billion dollars. Can you imagine how much good could be done with that money? You could feed the poor, you could help build homes, the possibilities are endless. Most of the Mormon friends I talk to openly about this say that the prophet was told to do this from God/Jesus. Why would God/Jesus want millions to suffer so we can have a fancy-schmancy mall?

I can almost year the gears in some people's heads turning. They are already coming up with the argument that the church donates tons of their money to charity, and helps families locally. I agree... they do. However, we will never know how much because the church refuses to share it's financial records.

Why won't the church share their records? If they have nothing to hide, they should share it with the world. I know for a fact that many true-believing Mormons agree with the last statement I just made. Many Mormon's are actually concerned with the way the church chooses to spend money, but know not to talk about it with others because it makes them look bad because they are second guessing the leadership. You are after all, asked and taught from an early age to obey, obey, obey.