New Furniture

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I am in desperate need of new furniture. Roomie and I had to leave most of the stuff we had in Orlando behind on our trek west, and we have had to start over completely. We have been given furniture from friends and family, and we have put that used furniture to good use. We just want something that is a little more "us."

Even our towels and bed linens are old, it would be nice to be able to have a complete apartment makeover and make the place a little more modern. I thought I would take some time today to look through some online stores and find some items I really liked, too bad for me this stuff is much too expensive for our budget. It's nice to dream.

I haven't had a dining room table in 8 years. It would probably be the first thing I would purchase if I had the chance. I love the design of this round table, but I would prefer the chairs in a different colored fabric. Probably dark brown or dark green. The lazy susan is a perfect touch. $877 (not too bad of a price)

I love the design of this sofa. Since I am lacking in the ability to not spill drinks and food all over the place, I would have to order it in a different color... probably a dark chocolate brown. I would accent with ice blue and lime green pillows. $4130 with shipping. Ouch.

This floor lamp is interesting because of the spiral. It would be a nice touch to the living room. $183

This bookcase has sliding frosted glass doors that would go well with the ice blue accent pillows on my dream couch. The drawers in the bookcase are pretty cool as well because it would stow away all the things that look horrible but are necessary (like my collection of remote controls). $1299

I love the bed because it's low to the ground, I also like the ledge surrounding the bed and the side tables that come attached. It's very simple . $1609

I fell in love with this bedspread set. It's called Nourish in Grass and sells for $170 for the duvet and shams alone. Sheets would be an extra $68 and the pillows would be another $68. I love the greens and browns.

This dresser made of bamboo plywood would fit nicely with the grass theme of the bedspread. I love the flower inlay, and it's only $3000. I will have to win the lottery to get this one.