Computer Trouble

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Hey there friends, I just wanted to leave a quick note to tell everyone that I am having some serious computer issues at the moment. I probably have to take the computer in for repair or get a new one.

If I don't update for a while it's not because I don't care... :)

I appreciate the positive comments as always, and I will continue to update as long as my computer lets me. Who knows what the hell is wrong with it? Ugh.


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Another Contradiction

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I have been told many times that my blog crosses the line. Most of the time those comments come from true-believing Mormons who are offended by my frankness, openness, and willingness to discuss the issues instead of keeping them secret (I mean sacred.)

Recently the comments have been more and more personal, and they have attacked my personal character and my heart. It's somewhat amusing that the people making these comments are true-believing Mormons, and they are being extremely hypocritical.

I understand that many TBMs don't like my blog, or what I have to say. They think I am making fun of their beliefs and that I am trying my best to take down the Mormon Church. They think I won't be happy until I get as many people away from the church as I possibly can. They call me "anti" Mormon, and tell me to leave the church alone.

Here is my point (if they can grasp it).

The Mormon Church sends out thousands of missionaries every year to try and convert people to Mormonism. They knock on complete strangers' doors and try to have conversations about Mormonism. They hang out a local parks to talk with kids and teenagers about Mormonism.

Why is it okay for Mormon missionaries to go out there and preach their version of events, and it's not okay for me to share my opinion? Seems a little unfair, doesn't it?

Recently I had a commenter make various threats to me as well as a friend of mine. After contacting the authorities and cooperating with their investigation I came to a realization.

I am not the anti-Mormon here. The real anti-Mormons are those who claim to believe in the church, yet find it okay to tell others what they should and shouldn't do or say. After all, the 11th article of faith says:

We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow ALL men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

When Mormons tell me what I should and shouldn't say they are going against their own religion. It's a case of not practicing what you preach, and it's painfully obvious when it happens. To all who want me to shut down the blog, tough beans. It stays. You have your missionaries, and I have my blog.

I truly believe that this church isn't what it claims to be, and in all honesty, it will eventually bring itself down. It's not going to be my blog that brings the church to it's knees, the church can do that on it's own.

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Found In Mom's Basement

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Another fantastic find for retro-lovers like me. Found In Mom's Basement is a collection of vintage advertising. Check it out! Here are a few of my favorites...

Easy Bake Oven ad, 1960s

JC Penney Catalog 1975

Ah, yes, the high-powered executive of 1983. You can tell how important he is by the size of his memory -- a whopping 64K!

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Funny Wrong Lyrics

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I was on the subject of funny things we said/did as kids and I had to share some of them...

When I was little I was convinced that if my Mom and Dad were pulled over by the police they would be taken directly to jail. Why? Because they had Diet Coke in the car, and they were drinking and driving.

One summer my Dad was washing the car with the radio blasting. Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" was playing and I was singing along while helping Dad dry the car. I couldn't understand why my Dad was laughing so hard until he told me I was singing the wrong lyrics... what lyrics was I singing? "Theres a bathroom on the right!"

Here are more wrong lyric funnies I found... not my personal mistakes but funny as hell nonetheless... enjoy...

Jimi Hendrix's"Kiss the sky" was "Excuse me, while I kiss this guy."

As a young girl I thought Kenny Rogers was singing about his "four hundred children"! Not for hungry children in the song Lucille.

I first thought Bachman Turner Overdrive's Takin' Care Of Business was Takin' Care of Biscuits.

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Since I have to go back to work tomorrow (sigh) I spent quite a lot of time on today to chat with my friends and check in with them. These are wonderful people, I can't say enough good things about them.

I found a post titled "Contradictions" and started reading. It basically pointed out all the contradictions we notice in the Mormon Church. I can't take credit for these gems, I just thought they were great.

  • When a gypsy looks into a crystal ball she is a fraud at best, but...
  • When Joseph Smith looks into a seer stone he is a prophet of God.
  • When the Catholic Church changed “saving ordinances” it was apostasy.
  • When the Mormon Church changed “saving ordinances” it was a revelation from God.
  • When the guy next door cheats on his wife he’s committing adultery.
  • When Joseph Smith cheats on his wife he’s keeping the commandments of God.
  • The Haun’s Mill Massacre was an event worth remembering.
  • The Mountain Meadows Massacre was an event worth forgetting.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses are a a bunch of weird, annoying cultists who go around banging on doors and bothering people.
  • LDS missionaries are representatives of Jesus Christ, emissaries of our Heavenly Father, sent to bring you the message of the restoration and eternal life.
  • Folgers and Mountain Dew. Depends on the color of the caffeine.
  • When someone defies their family’s religious beliefs to join the Mormon Church – they are martyrs and protagonists.
  • When someone defies their families Mormon religious beliefs to join another church - they are pariahs and antagonists.
  • Those who proudly don Mormon undies for protection yet their eyes get crossed when a crucifix is worn.
  • When Mormons bring new members in its called fellowshipping
  • When Scientologists bring new members in its called brainwashing
  • When you accept the doctorines of the church you are inspired.
  • When you reject the doctorines of the church you are controlled by Satan.
  • "We believe in education of the mind. Yessss, sir! Broaden the mind, we say.
  • BUT, you can only study from "approved" books. Anything else is all lies and "of the devil!"
  • Go forth, be fruitful and mulitply.
  • Sex is bad.
  • It's About Family
  • Ok Dad is at Preisthood meeting, Mom is running the Enrichment Night, Older sis is at YM, Big bro is playing basketball with the ward, and the younger ones stay in the nursery... Ahhhhh family...
  • Secret combinations are evil, are of the devil, etc... as are death oaths. or whatever you want to call them
  • Yet in the Temple, it is nothing but death oath after death oath to protect and bring forth the "Kingdom of God"
  • We came into this world without a memory of the previous one.
  • God makes us responsible for that which we don't remember.
  • God gave us a HEART and a MIND.
  • Only use your heart when deciphering truth about God.
  • We believe in being honest, true, chaste benevolent, virtuous, et al..
  • "Sometimes what is true, is not very useful" (Boyd K. Packer)
  • Emphasis on family relationships
  • Yet non-LDS family members are excluded from being able to see their OWN children/siblings/parents get married...ultimate slap in the face. Parents allowed to have little contact with missionary children. Parents made busy and distracted by time-consuming and burdening callings. Bishops take our minor children behind close doors to ask them personal and intimate questions for worthiness interviews.
My thanks to all the postMo minds that put those together. It makes ya think... well, at least it should make you think.

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Kitchen Time

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I love to cook, I love to bake. So when I was done with posting about the furniture I fell in love with I couldn't wait to look around for items for my dream kitchen and dining room. It would definitely have a retro flair to it, and I would keep it in the greens/browns color scheme.

I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer, and I would get a lime green one. These things are fantastic for everything from cookie dough to meringue. $349
I love this sink because it gives you tons of room to prepare your food. It would be easy to wash and clean veggies in a sink like this. It's really nice. $1225I love these glasses because they are stemless. It's a nice touch, and the colors are nice. They would also be great to serve deserts. $2.50 each

This pitcher resembles a beaker, and definitely makes a statement. $5.95

I love these dishes from CB2. The colors are perfect, and they have a great touch of nature. $4.95-$9.95 each. Not too bad.

I bought a set of these when I lived in Orlando for kabobs. They were fantastic! They add flavor and aroma to the meal. $4.99

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New Furniture

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I am in desperate need of new furniture. Roomie and I had to leave most of the stuff we had in Orlando behind on our trek west, and we have had to start over completely. We have been given furniture from friends and family, and we have put that used furniture to good use. We just want something that is a little more "us."

Even our towels and bed linens are old, it would be nice to be able to have a complete apartment makeover and make the place a little more modern. I thought I would take some time today to look through some online stores and find some items I really liked, too bad for me this stuff is much too expensive for our budget. It's nice to dream.

I haven't had a dining room table in 8 years. It would probably be the first thing I would purchase if I had the chance. I love the design of this round table, but I would prefer the chairs in a different colored fabric. Probably dark brown or dark green. The lazy susan is a perfect touch. $877 (not too bad of a price)

I love the design of this sofa. Since I am lacking in the ability to not spill drinks and food all over the place, I would have to order it in a different color... probably a dark chocolate brown. I would accent with ice blue and lime green pillows. $4130 with shipping. Ouch.

This floor lamp is interesting because of the spiral. It would be a nice touch to the living room. $183

This bookcase has sliding frosted glass doors that would go well with the ice blue accent pillows on my dream couch. The drawers in the bookcase are pretty cool as well because it would stow away all the things that look horrible but are necessary (like my collection of remote controls). $1299

I love the bed because it's low to the ground, I also like the ledge surrounding the bed and the side tables that come attached. It's very simple . $1609

I fell in love with this bedspread set. It's called Nourish in Grass and sells for $170 for the duvet and shams alone. Sheets would be an extra $68 and the pillows would be another $68. I love the greens and browns.

This dresser made of bamboo plywood would fit nicely with the grass theme of the bedspread. I love the flower inlay, and it's only $3000. I will have to win the lottery to get this one.

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Bishop's Comment "Men Are Jerks"

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Most of the people who frequent this blog know that I had a meeting with my Mom's ex-bishop (she has since resigned) last week and asked him tons of questions about the church. The meeting was very respectful on both sides, and I sincerely think her ex-bishop is a good person. He means well, and he believes in the church with no question. I do respect that, and I told him so.

When we began talking about the issues with women and the church I kind of knew exactly what he was going to say before he said it. There was the usual, "He was speaking as a man, not as a prophet," and "God will give us revelation on that when we need it." It was when he explained his take on polygamy in the celestial kingdom that he shocked me...

He was quick to tell me that this was just his opinion, and nothing more... but he believes that more women will make it to the celestial kingdom than men. Why? Because "Men are jerks."

It doesn't really answer many questions for me. Why do we need to be "married" in heaven? Why would that even matter? I certainly don't believe for a split second that I should have to share a man with sister wives if I worked so hard to make it to the highest level of heaven. What sense does that make?

The one thing I took away from that meeting was a sense in knowing that I had made the right decision. No one in that room could clearly state what was doctrine and what wasn't. No one could explain things that happened in the past and why they were glossed over to create a picture of the church that exists today. If God really had a living prophet, wouldn't he make it painfully clear to everyone to save them? I think so.

I am still debating on whether to resign or wait to be excommunicated. I really think that the whole issue of me being a member on the books rather small, but it would really be nice to have the relief society stop sending lovely photos of Jesus to my apartment door.

When it comes down to it, they don't have any authority over me. They can call me to some silly "court of love" if they want, but I will laugh in their faces. They don't have control over me or who I am. I shouldn't have to waste any more of my time worrying about that. One day I want to resign, another I want to make them make the first move. The whole thing is rather ridiculous, because they are basically holding my name hostage. They will label me a Mormon until one or the other happens. Wonder how long it's going to take?

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I Know My Kids A Star

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I am a reality show junkie. I like all of them... well, except for the work out shows like The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Fit Club. I will even admit to watching CBS' Big Brother every single season, and bought the live feeds for it a couple of summers ago. It all started with Survivor folks, and I am now a full blown addict. When a new show debuts, I am there. Thank Gawd for my DVR, I never miss a thing.

Thursday night a show titled, I Know My Kids A Star premiered on VH1. I knew going into it that it was going to piss me off. There is nothing worse than seeing a parent pressure their own child into doing something they don't want to do. I am not saying that all kids are pressured into show business... but it's painfully obvious when it happens. The show is hosted and judged by none other than child-star gone bad Danny Bonaduce. Lard, help us.

Pleased to meet you Mr. Bonaduce, excuse me I need to puke.

The show starts as Danny introduces himself and shows the contestants and their parents the beautiful mansion they will be staying at while the show films. Immediately one of the kids turns her back on the camera and throws up in the bushes. I knew it was a sign of things to come, and I was right. The house is nice, but nothing to write home about. There are lots of touches that make the home child-friendly like giant glass jars filled with candy on the kitchen counter and a brand new swing set in the backyard. It's over-the-top and kind of cheesy.

We then pan to each of the kids and their respective parent. Some of these kids have been trying to break into show business for a very long time, and others have passions like ballroom dancing.

Rocky, Stage Mother

You immediately see how different the relationship of parent and child is changed when its time for the kids to rehearse for their first audition. Some of the parents were very relaxed in letting the kids practice in their own way, and others (like the one pictured) told their kids what to sing, and how to prepare. Poor Rocky's daughter. (I say "Rocky's daughter because it is obvious that Rocky is upstaging her own kid right from the beginning. You don't even remember the kids name... it's all about Mommy Dearest.) Rocky told her to sing a song she didn't know, and when she asked her Mom to rehearse by herself, Rocky told her no. It's a simple talent show format, showing Danny Bonaduce your best performance.

Well Rocky's dear daughter gets up to perform the song, and chokes. At one point Rocky asks her daughter if her tampon string is showing!?!?!?!?! Oh. My. Lard. Here is another good quote from Rocky:

I want you to win. Don’t you want that big house, Hayley. I’m a single mom. Clock’s tickin’, clock’s tickin’, clock’s tickin’. OK? Let’s buy that dream house.

Turns out the tap dancing kid was the first to go, and he exited the show with grace. His father, on the other hand wasn't sure how to react. He tried to hug his kid, but was rejected. He then gave the end-of-the-show goodbye message telling the world how talented his son was, and how we could all expect to see his name in lights one day.

This kid is a lot more mature than his father.

I am not sure if I should be upset at the parents for allowing their kids to be on a show like this, sad and confused that VH1 is producing a show like this, or angry with myself for watching it.

Someone call CPS. Stat.

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Ex-Homecoming Queen Accused Of Beating Sister With Leg In Trailer Sent To Rehab

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I couldn't have made this up if I tried...

A former Norwin homecoming queen accused of attacking her sister with a prosthetic leg and threatening to burn down a neighbor's trailer was ordered on Wednesday to go to rehab.

Donna Sturkie-Anthony showed up for her preliminary hearing before District Judge Douglas Weimer, but the 41-year-old woman's hearing was continued so she can go to Greenbriar Treatment Center.

Police said Sturkie-Anthony's sister came to visit her at Lincoln Mobile Home Park on Route 30 in January, and the two started arguing about her alcohol abuse. Then, police said Sturkie-Anthony pulled off her sister's prosthetic leg and beat her with it.

In that case, Sturkie-Anthony was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and harassment.

About three weeks later, police said, Anthony stole her neighbor's telephone and then threatened to burn down their trailer if they testified against her.

She faces charges of intimidation of witnesses or victims and terroristic threats in the case involving her neighbors.

"The police, they call for backup when they come up here to deal with her," said another neighbor, who asked not to be identified. "They know who she is."

Sturkie-Anthony was being held without bond in the Westmoreland County Prison. Police said it's because she is a danger to others and herself.

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More Sylvia Browne Stupidity

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I have mentioned my distaste for Sylvia Browne, the "psychic," many times on this blog, but I ran across an article written by Robert Lancaster who runs the website StopSylviaBrowne. He does the research into many of her predictions and readings, and posted this on his website on March 20th. Lets just say that Sylvia Browne gives some no-so-good medical advice to a woman in the audience at the Montel Williams Show...

If you haven't been to, you are missing out. It's amazing how many times this woman gets things wrong, and yet so many people believe in her. Reminds me of a religion I used to be in...

Sylvia Browne gives some questionable medical advice.
Published: Mar 20, 2008
Written by: Robert S. Lancaster

One aspect of Sylvia Browne's "psychic readings" which I find to be particularly distasteful and disturbing is her dispensing "medical advice."

Despite having no medical training, Browne frequently gives "diagnoses" to the people who she "reads," recommending treatments and "prescribing" various treatments and even medications.

This article looks at one such "diagnosis."

On January 31 2002, a segment of the Montel Williams Show was shown in which a woman named Susan stood to ask for Sylvia Browne's advice on a medical issue.

Here is a transcription of the segment, with my comments inserted:

Video of the reading can be viewed here.

Williams: Where is Susan at? Where's Susan at? Please welcome Susan to the show. Susan, you just--why don't you tell Sylvia? Talk to Sylvia.

Susan: Hi, Montel. Hi, Sylvia. In August 2000, I went for a routine surgery, and two weeks later I have this sharp pain in my belly button. It feels like somebody's pulling it on the other side. I've been to 34 doctors and I've had five other surgeries, and nobody knows what's wrong with me. I was wondering, do you know what's wrong with me?

Williams: You--you know the surgery. She had an ovarian surgery for cysts. So I just--I say that.

Browne: I te--I'm telling you nobody wants to take the credit--I mean, nobody wants to take the fall for leaving something inside. She's got some--something left inside.

As Browne comes up with this answer, she looks up and to our left (see above picture). As has been discussed elsewhere on this site, this is a classic "body language" signal of fabricating a story.

Susan: Do you know what kind of specialist I could go to for this?

Browne: Yeah. I would go under a real, real special MRI. 'Cause, you know, they not only have MRIs for your head, they have it for your body. But there's some kind of instrument that they've left that is impacted in your stomach that's--your--your skin has grown around it.

Assuming for the moment that an actual surgical instrument had been left inside of Susan, is having an MRI - performed by an extremely powerful magnet - really the wisest advice? More on this later.

Note that, according to Montel, Susan had an operation for ovarian cysts. How would an instrument from an ovarian operation be left in her stomach?

Also, at this point in the reading, Browne licks her lips (see image below). This is yet another classic body language "tell" for deception.

Susan: Do you know when this will be over and when I can go back to work?

Browne: Yeah. As soon as you get to somebody that--in--in a real high-tech hospital. Cleveland has one. They have marvelous ones in New York. You know, they have--you know, where they can go to get MRIs.

Williams: Susan, get an MRI done.

Browne: But, you know, it's the funniest thing, and I don't mean here. I just got through crazy doctors, but a lot of doctors will go along with the first one. Do you see what I mean?

Susan: Mm-hmm.

Browne: In other words, I'd go in to a doctor and act like you've never been to one before.

Williams: And don't tell 'em about the operation.

Browne: Don't tell them about the other--the other diagnosis.

Williams: Just say, 'There's something wrong.'

Browne: Yeah.

Susan: Thank you very much.

Williams: [to a man in the audience ] Yes, sir?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices contain an extremely powerful magnet. Powerful enough that even heavy metallic objects such as oxygen tanks, chairs (see above image) and floor cleaners all the way across the room can be caught in the device's magnetic field and pulled into it. How powerful? There has been at least one reported death from an oxygen tank flying across a room and into an MRI device with such force that it struck and killed a young patient currently in the device.

Just how powerful an MRIs magnetic field is can be seen on a video shown on this web page. In the video, it takes at least three men, using boards, straps and muscle power, to pull a chair out from an MRI device's magnetic field.

Patients are not allowed to bring anything with any metal - jewelry, glasses, watches, etc. - into the room with the MRI machine, to prevent damage to the device as well as to the patient and the technicians performing the test.

Given all of this, how wise is it to advise someone - who you believe to have a surgical instrument inside them - to go get an MRI done? Not only that, but to advise them to not tell the doctor about the operation where an instrument was (supposedly) left inside?

I was curious as to what an expert in the field of MRIs would say about such advice, so I sent the following email to Dr. Frank Shellock, of

Subject: MRI and Sylvia Browne
From: [email address]
Date: Wed, Jan 23, 2008 6:36 pm
To: "Dr. Frank Shellock" [email address]

Dr. Shellock:

I hope you can take a moment to answer what is probably an odd question. I believe I know the answer, but would like to have an answer from an expert to place on my web site.

I run the web site Sylvia Browne is a television "psychic" who appears regularly on the nationally syndicated Montel Williams Show. As the name of my site might imply, I am highly skeptical of her supposed "abilities," and believe she should stop.

One of the more dangerous things she does is to give medical advice, when she has no license to practice medicine, nor even any medical training of which I'm aware.

One rather dramatic instance of this, and the reason I am writing to you, was when the following exchange took place (all emphasis mine):

[Here I quoted the transcript above]

I was hoping that you might have some comments on this exchange, and specifically on what could happen should a person with a surgical instrument left inside of them approach an MRI field.

Any comments you might have would be very much appreciated by me and the visitors to my web site.

Best regards,

Robert S. Lancaster

Not one to mince words, Dr. Shellock sent the following reply:

Subject: Re: MRI and Sylvia Browne
From: "Frank Shellock, Ph.D.," [email address]
Date: Wed, Jan 23, 2008 8:07 pm
To: [email address]

my comment?


Yikes, indeed.

If there was a metal surgical instrument (say, a scalpel or clamp) inside of Susan when she entered a room containing an MRI machine, the magnet inside the machine would try to pull that instrument right out of Susan's body. This would result in, at best, excruciating pain, and could potentially cause internal damage.

Bottom line: Browne recommended a specific medical treatment, which, if there were indeed a metal object inside Susan, could result in serious injury or even death.

Of course, there are some non-metallic items (such as sponges) used in the course of a surgery. And there are even certain metallic instruments made in such a way as to not be affected by magnetic fields. But for Browne to recommend that this woman just "go get an MRI" to confirm that she had a surgical instrument left inside of her shows either a total lack of understanding of what an MRI machine is, or a callous disregard for Susan's safety.

And Montel Williams, true to form, reaffirmed this questionable "advice."

It should also be noted that body language (Browne's eye movement and licking her lips) is by no means an exact science. These "tells" are not iron-clad guarantees that someone is lying. But, given the context here, I think they are worth considering.

This is just one example of many where Browne shows a lack of basic medical knowledge when dispensing her "diagnoses."

Practicing medicine without a license is illegal. By giving out diagnoses, by recommending treatments, supplements and even medicine, Browne is doing just that. And even her occasional admonition for someone to see a doctor do not excuse it. She is pretending to be a doctor, and has even referred to her customers as "patients" in at least one interview.

Does the law agree with me in this? Time will tell.

My thanks to CFL for initially telling me about this segment, and to EMM for providing the transcript.

And if Susan ever reads this, I would certainly be interested in hearing what happened regarding your condition subsequent to your appearance on the Montel Williams Show.

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Another cool website I found via Neatorama is Listropolis. The tag line claims to have the best lists on the web, and some of them are awesome. There are tons of lists to choose from, like the 12 healthiest meals in fast food, 45 proven job interview techniques, and 101 web resources for students. Here is an example about a company I worked for in Orlando...

6 Disney Secrets You'll Wish You Never Read

I worked at the Magic Kingdom for 7 years, and was able to take with me a ton of secrets that ruin the “Magic” of Disney. Since I’m now burdened with these secrets, I figured I’d share 6 of them that most people have no clue about. If you’re a die-hard Disney fan that still believes in fairy tales and pixie dust, this list isn’t for you.

There are tunnels under the Magic Kingdom - the tunnels are large enough to drive vehicles through, and serve as a way for cast members to access areas of the park specific to their costume. I did a much larger post about the Disney tunnels on another site that goes into details, and provides a list of park access points from the tunnels. These access points are scattered throughout the park, but most people never notice them.

Main Street Illusion - All of the buildings on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, are built using forced perspective, making it seem as if Main Street will never end as you walk into the park, and making it seem very short when you’re leaving. The windows on the second floor were all created much smaller than the windows on the first floor, and the building slightly angle towards the castle.

Hidden Mickeys - this is probably the best known of all the Disney secrets. If you’ve never heard of hidden Mickey’s, they are just mickey heads scattered throughout everything done by Disney - EVERYTHING. There are plenty of sites that cover the locations of the hidden Mickey’s, but I doubt anyone knows where all of them are. They are on every Disney attraction, in most Disney movies, formed by buildings and gardens that can only be discovered by air, and many other places you’d never expect.

X-Rated Fun - Not the x-rated you’re expecting, but many Disney videos have dirty little secrets hidden in them. The most notorious is the penis hidden in the castle on the cover of the Little Mermaid, and the word “sex” being formed from dust in the Lion King. There’s also a pornographic legend about the “Partner’s Statue” in front of the castle, which is a statue of Walt and Mickey holding hands, and if you turn a certain way, you see a whole lot more than you bargained for.

Flash Mountain - No, not Splash Mountain, Flash Mountain(NSFW). Flash Mountain isn’t really a place. It’s actually a phenomenon where woman flash their breasts as they’re going down Splash Mountain. It’s much more common than you’d expect, and if you watch the logs coming over the drop, you’re bound to experience Flash Mountain. A picture is snapped as you go over the falls, and now they are heavily monitored for flashes, middle fingers, and gang signs. If any of those show up, the picture won’t print, and you’ll be left with only a story to tell.

No Deaths at Disney - I’m not sure if this one is still true, but as of a couple of years ago, it was ok for Disney to say they had never had a death at the park. If someone were to be fatally injured at the park, they would not be pronounced deceased until they arrived at the hospital - away from the park. Nothing happy fun about this subject, but it’s a dark secret, and not many people know about it.
Personal Note: I also worked at Disney for many years, and tons of cast members (employees) told me of the "No Deaths at Disney" rule. There is no proof, but I believe that is true.

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Photoshop Disasters

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Well, it's the first day off that I have had in a week, and I am going to update the hell out of my blog. Lets start here with something I found on Neatorama. It's called, Photoshop Disasters. A blog dedicated to finding and making fun of photoshop mistakes. I can't wait until I can afford to buy photoshop...


Anyway, here are a couple examples from the blog... be sure to check it out. It's great.

The missing tail in the reflection could be put down to artistic license, but those icons are fair game.

A lot of people think this is Jessica Simpson; it's actually Marissa Miller, in a VS catalog. We still don't know whose hand it is.

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Sunday Secrets!

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I forgot to remind everyone about PostSecret Sunday... don't forget to check them out!

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Family Togetherness

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After reading about a mother who was unable to attend her son's wedding, I wanted to vent my frustrations with the whole Mormon-temple thing.

I know Mormons say that it's such a peaceful and loving experience in the temple, and that it's an experience they would never forget, but I have also talked with people who went to the temple and had a giant "What the fuck?" Moment. It goes both ways, and to be frank, I think people are more likely to compliment the temple experience because they don't want to seem less spiritual as their friends and family. Just an opinion.

Now, I have personal experience with being excluded from weddings and sealings because of not having a temple recommend. I know first hand how it feels to be treated as if you are not good enough, or that you were a giant sinner... and because you are a giant sinner you are unwelcome in the house of the Lord.

I don't understand why people believe that?!?!?!?!?!

Why in the world would God want it that way? He wouldn't!!!

God wants us to be happy, he wants us to be with our families and love each other, right? Why would he exclude people on wedding days? What sense does that make?

When I asked Mom's bishop about this, he pretty much ignored the question. Instead he focused on why temple recommends were so important. He even mentioned that young adults like myself, who happened to be unmarried, wouldn't get a recommend. Yes, Mormon readers, he said that.

I follow the commandments... I don't lie, cheat, or steal. I don't sleep around, and I certainly don't covet thy neighbors wife... and it's certainly not because I killed a man just to watch him die. Why am I excluded from God's house?

Does God play favorites? Does he label people? What about the people who get temple recommends by lying to their bishops, I know of many. What makes it okay for them to go to a temple wedding, and people like me (and many others) who are good people are left out?

Many of my relatives put on a good show about loving their apostate kin no matter what, but when it comes down to it they judge me the same way the church does. I am not good enough. The whole thing about family togetherness is just a show. The minute someone disagrees with the church they become unworthy.

Here is a photo I took the night before Mom and I had a meeting with the bishop. I took the shot at the mailbox she used to send in her resignation. Hope you like it.


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Working With People

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I now work for a very large company. I am in customer service, and I love to help people... I like getting to know a little about them, and make their day a little better. Maybe solve a problem, or even just make them smile or giggle a little. It's nice.

Since I now get to take my breaks in a break room that is a little smaller than I am used to (lets be frank, I worked at huge theme parks in Orlando, and their break rooms had tiny snack bars and televisions with internet access) I get to speak with my co-workers and get to know them a little more. I like them all. I really mean that, I like some more than others, but they are all good people.

People get to talking about politics and religion in the break room often. Many of these people support the war, and are quick to point out that we need another republican in office when Bushie leaves. I don't want to argue with my new friends, so when politics come up, I bury my head in my novel and keep my mouth shut. Who knows how long that will last... you know me. I like to share my opinion.

I have been asked many times to church events by my new co-workers, and most of them wonder why in the world I am not married with kids by now. Young men are quick to tell me they served a mission, and where. There is much conversation of BYU and it's athletics, as well as temple work and upcoming weddings. I have no plans on explaining my situation to any of them, because it might stop advancement in the company. I think it's sad to say that, but I believe it.

Unfortunately, when people in Utah find out I am in the process of leaving the Mormon Church, they judge me. I am going to put that off as long as possible. I want them to know me for me first. Hopefully it works out. I will keep you all posted.

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Starburst and Concrete Floors

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Today was rough. I started a new job a couple weeks ago, and my new work schedule is killer. It's okay though, I like this job and it's good money. There are lots of things I will be able to do in the future thanks to this position. I am thankful. My feet, however, are not.

Standing on concrete floors hurts every joint in my body. It always has... even when I was little. I remember going to Sam's Club with my Dad and he would complain about the same thing. I guess it's hereditary. I need to get some better shoes and some insoles so I can be "Gellin."

Roomie works with me, and since our schedules don't sync up, we have to wait for each other to be done with work so we can drive home together (we share a vehicle). I had to wait for 2 hours for roomie after my shift.

There I was, feet propped up on a chair in the breakroom, and I was reading a fantastic novel. I was hungry, so I hobbled up to the candy machine and bought a pack of starburst. Then I was thirsty and hobbled my way to the soda machine for a Diet Coke (nectar of the Gods). That is how I spent the past two hours... reading, eating, drinking. You would think I would be completely rested and ready for a night of internet fun, but I am still exhausted. What the hell?

Here are a couple photos I took over the weekend, hope you like 'em. Toodles till later!

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2 Hours With The Bishop

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I planned on writing up a summary of what happened with the meeting with Mom's bishop, but I just don't have the time. With this investigation going on, working 8 days in a row without a day off, and getting everything online, there isn't enough time in the day.

Instead I am going to post exactly what I posted on when I got home last night. It is a quick little summary, and I promise I will update it when I have a break from working non-stop. Again, I can't reply personally to the comments, but I still appreciate them!

Many of you know that my Mom and I had a meeting with her Bishop and Relief Society President today. Mom and I planned well in advance and wrote down many of the questions we planned on asking the night before (even though I was dealing with the stalker guy mess... didn't want him to interfere with business at hand).

The meeting went well, and everyone was very respectful. I think I gave them the impression that I was more on the fence than I really am. The bishop probably thinks he still has a chance to "save" my Mom and I. At the end of the meeting Mom gave him some paperwork to him, he thinks it's just some of the things we have been studying, but little does he know that her resignation letter is included in that envelope! I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will be shocked beyond belief when he sees that resignation letter... he has no idea it's coming.

The people that attended the meeting were very polite, and when they came into Mom's home they commented on how warm the home felt, and how full of the spirit it was. It made me chuckle.

After I introduced myself (because I don't belong to there ward and they have no idea who I am besides her daughter) and told them why I started researching church history. The bishop then asked if we could start the meeting with a prayer, and since it was Mom's home the decision was hers. She was a little on the fence about it, but allowed the prayer. I was sitting on the floor because I had papers everywhere, and I moved around a lot to kind of hint that I wasn't praying with them. I also didn't reply with "amen" with everyone else. I was a little concerned Mom would be upset with me for doing that, but I felt it was important to be myself the entire time.

I started telling my story again, about why I was at the meeting with Mom's bishop and RS president instead of my own. I made sure that they understood that Mom and I were not there to insult them or their beliefs, and the reason we asked for the meeting with them is because we respected them. They warmed up to me a little after that.

I started at the beginning of my list of questions, and asked about the translation of the Book of Mormon. I asked them why I wasn't told the correct story about JS using a seer stone in a hat, and why the church still uses paintings that show JS and his scribe with the plates in front of him. He admitted that he knew about the seer stone, and the RS president looked as if she had been punched in the gut. I can't say that she added much to the conversation because she was usually quiet as a mouse with her arms folded in her lap, her eyes looked glossed over, and Mom and I could swear she was stoned. Of course she wasn't, I am not implying that... just saying that she certainly seemed a little out of it.

The bishop completely skirted around the question of why we were not shown and taught the truth about the translation. He kept referring to scriptures and saying that some of the details were not important because it's more important for people to know other things. I wanted to raise the bulls**t flag there, but felt it important to remain respectful because my Mom lives in a very small community, and ward members are already treating her badly and I didn't want to make that worse for her.

We then asked question after question. I asked a lot of questions about women in the church, and how much it bothered me that women were not considered equal in the eyes of the church. He assured me over and over again that it wasn't a question of equality. I dropped it... again, to stay respectful. We did make it clear that we were not really satisfied with that answer, and that we could all agree to disagree.

We then brought up our questions about the celestial kingdom and how polygamy plays a part in that. One of the things that surprised me the most was that he didn't deny that polygamy would take place in that particlular kingdom of heaven. Instread he told us his opinion (he made sure to say it was just his opinion) that more women than men would make it to the celestial kingdom because men are, and I quote, "Jerks." I smiled and grinned when he said that, and asked him why men and women needed to be paired up in heaven at all. He didn't really have an answer for that, instead he mentioned that we would all understand when we get there. We again dropped it, and agreed to disagree.

The conversation stayed on topic with why women couldn't hold the priesthood. He told us that (again, just his opinion) that its just the way God wants it. He was quite frank in saying that it would take major revelation that God wanted women to hold the priesthood for anything to change. We all know that revelation won't happen because the people that supposedly receive revelation are men.

The questions then turned to changing doctrine. They downplayed that completely, saying that God gives us revelation when we need it, pretty much a standard reply for any leader in the church.

Racism was the next topic. I explained that I had read many quotes from many prophets and apostles saying horrific things about people with dark skin. He knew immediately that these quotes came from the Journal of Discources and commented that the JoD wasn't considered scripture. He stated the over-used answer of, "He was speaking as a man, and not as a prophet." The bishop said that God didn't want blacks to hold the priesthood at the time because the church was being run out of so many places that it would just make it harder on them if they accepted African-Americans at that time. He felt the church would have been persecuted more if they went too far out of the norm. Right.

I immediately then asked how you can tell if a prophet is speaking as a prophet and not as a man. How do you tell the difference? He said the spirit would speak to you and let you know. Dropped it.

I will add more tomorrow, maybe Mom will post more when she gets home. I have a very, very early work day ahead of me tomorrow and I am exhaused from spending hours upon hours on the road.

Love ya all,


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Sunday Secrets!

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Don't forget about PostSecret!

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Good Sunday to everyone, as many of you know, today my Mom and I have a meeting with her bishop to discuss some of the questions we have about the things we have learned. I plan on updating my blog tonight when I get home, and sharing everything that happend.

Now for the Bad News,

Unfortunately, due to the commenter that has threatened not only me, but a friend of mine, I will no longer be responding to any comments left. It's not because I don't want to discuss things with the kind people who disagree with the things I have to say, and it's certainly not because I don't want to talk with my friends on the blog! I love having these conversations, and I will miss them. The FBI is on the case, and blogger has been notified of the threats made. They are considered acts of terrorism, and I am cooperating fully with their investigation.

I will never stop posting on my blog, and I will continue to post as normal.

Again, it's not because I don't want to respond, it's because I have been asked not to. If that changes I will let everyone know.

Thanks to everyone that supports me in this endeavor.


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Hello Out There!

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Well, it looks like I made it safely to my destination. It's a trip coming back to the place where I grew up and seeing it again. Everything looks so much smaller, so different, and when I see something that brings back a flood of memories, it's the strangest thing... can't describe it.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted me with the commenter, again, I have been asked not to respond personally to any more of these comments, and I am going to do everything I can to assist the investigation.

I will write more later, love you all!


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I am Off!

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Well guys, it's time for me to travel to my Mom's house to meet with her bishop to ask some questions. I will come back with a full report on what happens, as well as notes I take regarding the questions I asked.

I plan on staying very respectful during this meeting, and I hope to have some answers.

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I Debated Doing This... But I Can't Help Myslef UPDATE

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I would like to thank everyone who helped me come to a decision about the anonymous poster who threatened me and my blog. I even received emails from true believing Mormons who couldn't believe the things the person was saying.

I did notify my local authorities as well as the Internet Crime people at the FBI. I have everything sent to me documented. Hopefully we can all have this resolved soon.

This will be the last time I comment to, or about these posts as it is now in the hands of law enforcement.

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I Debated Doing This... But I Can't Help Myslef

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You know, one thing that makes me laugh out loud is when people claiming to be "full of the Lord" and honest members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says something like this on a comment here:

I absolutely love all of the anti-mormon "facts" that exist out there. So informative, so helpful, and they way they enrich peoples lives is truely honorable. I hope that all of the anti-mormons and on the fence folks out there understand one thing, anyone can manipulate "facts" actually there is a whole profession out there dedicated to it, it's called politics. So you can stop missrepresenting your facts as truth and quit lying to people about the Mormon church, it's unhealthy for you and simply not true. Just because you didn't have the faith it took to get over the things about the church you didn't or more likely couldn't understand doesn't give you the right post our sacred ordinances online. Nothing you say or do will stop the progress of the church, in fact people like you drive investigators to the missionaries doorsteps every day. So I am asking you to end your blog, effective immediately, or I will do some research on windy sydney and start posting all of your missdeeds and the real reasons you left the church, which for everyone else out there is 99% due to sin, ie drug or alcohol abuse, or sexual missdeeds. So this is your opportunity to start making good choices, I will check this blog in 36 hours if I find it, I will begin revealing who you really are to the world. Yes I am a mormon and yes I am far from perfect and yes I will follow through on this. Leave the sacred alone or I will become a thorn to you. Don't believe me, just ask the guy who made the movie God Makers what his life was like after he was revealed to be a lying fraud like you. You have 36 hours from now. Start erasing.
I didn't have "the faith to get over it?" Are you kidding me? I guess we have one of those people that thinks it's okay for the church to outright lie to the people it's taking money and time from...

I don't want to stop the church, I just want them to tell the truth. Pretty simple. Most people get that.

I don't have any "misdeeds" and I have nothing to hide. I have liven a pretty uneventful life. Graduated from honors from high school, moved to Orlando and learned tons in the hospitality industry, moved to Utah, got a new job. Pretty boring. No drugs, sex, or rock and roll. Good luck with that.

I didn't leave due to sin, misdeeds, or drugs and alcohol. Period. I left because I realized I didn't believe it... the fact that you believe people leave for these reasons pretty much proves that you believe everything the church tells you. Everyone I know left for the same reasons I did... because it wasn't true. It's not my problem if you don't like what I have to say, because it's a free country, and it's my right to say it. If the church can send out thousands upon thousands of missionaries to preach what they believe, I am certainly allowed to have my blog to say what I believe. Deal.

I am definitely not afraid of you, and I certainly don't think you have anything to dig up on me. Seems like your threats are pretty hollow. I wonder what your bishop would think about you doing this? Hmmm....

You can be a thorn, I don't give a damn. I already have plenty of thorns, and I always publish what they have to say because I think it's good to give everyone a voice. However, if you ever threaten my personal being or my blog in any way, I will have no choice but to report your threats to the authorities. Please don't think for a second that I am just blowing smoke, it will happen because you have no right to threaten me or anyone else just because we disagree with you.

So, this guy/gal/piece of work thinks that I am a drug abusing sex addict who prays to Stan every night? Please. Lets remember that this person is threatening me either as a person, or my blog (which is as close to me as you can possibly get...) Someone's actions are not matching with their beliefs. Oh, there is more...

When I was a missionary I met so many missinformed people just like you. I don't assume anything for one, and in fact doubts are healthy when one wishes to seek truth. Problem is you and every other anti out there do nothing more than twist words and phrases to conform to your views. And then have the audacity to come back with excuses like, "oh you can get a warm fuzzy feeling from this or that", to try and manipulate people into thinking that praying for truth is an invalid way to find it. I'm not going to try and convince you and you sure won't convince me and in reality you have literally no influence on anyone, you are a nobody and will likely remain as such, that said the reason I am taking the time to write this is because you offended God and myself by placing those sacred things online. If I were you I wouldn't be waisting my time writing your thoughtless replies, and start erasing the stuff you have on here, the clock is ticking. 29 hours to go.
Amazing, isn't it? I mean, I did ask you to prove me wrong, and you didn't. Seems like you don't have anything to back up what you are saying. Please, again. Prove me wrong.

I am not trying to influence people, I am just sharing what I believe. You are sharing what you believe, why can't I? Again, it's pretty hypocritical for you to say things like this when you break every single rule and thing you believe in by making these comments. If you are a true believing Mormon you are putting your own religion down by acting this way. I don't give a flying rat's ass what you think of me.

This is proof that many people, regardless of their religion, don't practice what they preach.

The End.

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Articles of Faith

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The other day I was reading on (my daily scriptures) and I saw a post by my friend hiker r. We were discussing our moral code and how it hasn't changed much since we left the church, and he gave me permission to share his new articles of faith. Thanks again hiker r!!!! You are a pal. I loved these...

My Articles of Faith or Lack Thereof

1. I believe in that it is not possible to have an absolute knowledge of the existence of God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, or in the Holy Ghost; that ceremonies such as baptisms and endowments are meaningless to God, if he/she exists.

2. I believe that that my life is valuable for the people I love and the people that love me; that sexism, racism, and homophobia are affronts to humanity.

3. I believe that it may not be possible to be saved from death so I had best make the best of my earthly existence.

4. I believe that if God exists, he/she will forgive an atheist that lived a good life. God is not petty.

5. I believe that men and women are equal and that authority and respect should be derived from wisdom, love, and service to our others.

6. I believe that apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and so forth do not have authority unless people bestow it upon them.

7. I believe guilt is a tool to control people and get them to conform.

8. I believe the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, magical healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth are tools in the hands of con artists.

9. I believe that God, if he/she exists, does not choose perverts, sexists, homophobes, and racists as prophets.

10. I believe in the obvious; there is one Israel and it is not and never will be in America, that anybody that is not Jewish is a gentile (including Mormons), that Native Americans are not Jews, that the Ten Tribes never existed, that the earth does not need to be restored to its paradisiacal glory because paradisiacal glory is Nature undefiled, and that it is our responsibility to protect the biological integrity of the earth.

11. I claim the privilege of worshipping God or Nature according to the dictates of my own conscience, and allow all men/women the same privilege, let them worship or not worship how, where, or what they may.

12. I believe in being honest, true, nonjudgmental, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men and women; indeed, I value integrity but believe that proselyting religious dogma is basically rude unless the sermon was solicited.

13. I believe that a testimony is a sign of a closed mind; thus I do not want to listen to anybody to bear their testimony one more time.

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I have been home only 3 1/2 hours from work and I am already sick of watching the news. The only thing going on in the world is Governor Elliot Spitzer's little expensive "friend"? Are we not at war? Isn't there a very crucial election coming up? Why are we so obsessed with this news?

Yes, I do think that it should be on the news, but not to the degree it is. Nancy Grace does hours of this... breaking news coverage on Headline News, MSNBC, FOX News, Good Morning America did an interview with this girl's so-called friends who knew nothing about her activity in the escort business. If they didn't know about it, there isn't much of a story, is there? Every news outlet is trying to out do and outsource the others to win the ratings wars. It's kind of pathetic and hard to watch.

The media has gone through this girl's yearbooks, myspace, facebook, and they even found her singing a song and it's now being played on the radio. Yesterday's troubled youth is todays pop star?

When they are not obsessing over Ashley Alexander Dupree, they are obsessing over Governor Spitzer's wife. They talk about how awful it is that she is standing behind her husband after learning about his activities. They even had body language experts reading into her as she stood in the background of her husbands press conferences. I am sure we can all agree on one thing... she isn't the one at fault for any of this... why are we analyzing everything she does? Leave the woman alone! One woman even went so far as to say that Mrs. Spitzer was doing an injustice to her teenage daughters by sticking by her husband. Not for us to judge people.

Hilary Clinton stood by her husband, and she is now running for president... so people making comments that she is hurting her teenage daughters (Chelsea) and being a doormat isn't necessarily true. Obviously there are millions upon millions of people willing to stand by Hilary's judgment when it comes to the office of President...

If I were ever cheated on, I would be out the door in a heartbeat, but that is a choice only I should be able to make. I would lose all trust for that man, and most of all, I wouldn't know if my health was being put at risk.

It all boils down to the fact that I still think prostitution should be legal. I know that is going to upset tons of people reading this blog, and I don't care. If prostitution were legal, there could be laws put in place to protect these women (and some men). What would happen if a call girl was beaten and raped by her client? She can't go to the police, can she? She has to deal with it on her own, and that ass-wipe is still out there hurting other women.

People often say that it's a victim-less crime, the escort makes the money, and the John gets what he is after. I half-way agree with that. Some of these men and women working as prostitutes are doing so because they have no other way. They need the money, and that can vary from needing the money for college tuition, to needing the money for a drug addiction. If there were laws out there in place for prostitutes, they could be tested for disease, addiction, and tested to make sure they were making the decision for themselves and not for someone else putting them up to it.

Prostitution isn't going to go away. There will always be stories just like this one, there will always be men and women out there putting their lives at risk. It would be better to help them than to turn our backs on them and put them in jail over and over.

No, I have never sold sex for money (thats for all you people out there convinced I am the devil's child). I just think this could be handled in a better way.

Just my two cents.

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What Do I Know?

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Today I was asked about my religion at my new job. I knew it was only a matter of time, and I just told the girl that I didn't believe in organized religion, and that I was happy with my belief system the way it was. She took that as an invitation to share her thoughts and feelings about her belief system with me.


No, I don't want to meet up with missionaries. No, thank you. No, really it's okay... I don't want to order a free Book of Mormon. No, please don't call my apartment before you go to church on Sunday and offer me a ride. Please just leave me alone about the whole religion thing.

Why is it that some people can't take a hint?

Every time we ran into each other in the break room today she would bring religion up in the conversation. EVERY. TIME.

I don't know a lot of things. I am the first to admit that. I don't know if I believe in God or Jesus. I don't know if the Bible is true. I don't know if there is a place called heaven, or an afterlife. I don't know if I will ever see my Dad again. I don't know! And guess what? I am perfectly fine with that!!!!

I haven't been to church in over a year, and I haven't killed anyone for the money in their wallet or killed a man just to watch him die. I haven't tried drugs. I don't sleep around. I haven't turned into some horrible evil version of my former self. I am the same person. The TBM Mormon's in my life don't get that, and they won't give me a chance to show that to them. I have been written off as a Satan-loving apostate who doesn't know whats best for her.

I don't need a religion to give me a moral code or rules of ethics. I don't need anyone telling me how I should live my life because I am doing fine by myself, thank you very much. It's very arrogant to believe that you are the only right person, and I don't think I am. However, some of the TBMs in my life believe they are the only ones who can be right... and the only thing leading them to believe that is the warm-fuzzies they feel.

I am the crazy one.

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Baptism For The Dead

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I don't agree with Baptism for the dead, and I never have. I remember having a conversation with my grandpa, who is still a true-blue believer in the Mormon faith about this very topic when I was in high school. I think it's morally wrong.

My grandpa was quick to tell me that the people who were baptized by proxy in the temple have the choice whether or not to accept the gospel in heaven. He told me that their eternal salvation depended on someone getting dunked in their name.

Why do I have such a problem with this? Because it takes away that person's religious freedom. Being baptized into a religion is a decision that person should make, no one has the right to make that decision for them. Many Jews who died in the Holocaust were baptized into the Mormon faith... I find that simply amazing. How dare they? These people were killed because they were Jewish and you have the nerve to baptize them into another faith?

The Mormon church (after being threatened with lawsuits) promised to stop baptizing holocaust victims, but it has been continuing. Here are some articles on the subject...

I guess what I don't understand is how God would need work done on Earth to let a good person into heaven. I sincerely doubt God gives a damn... if you lived a good life, treated people as you wanted to be treated, and helped others you shouldn't be kept in any kind of limbo because you thought the Mormon Religion was a bunch of crap! I mean come on... it's God! He/She/It knows how you lived your life and why kind of person you are, he doesn't need some silly ceremony done on earth before he can let you through the pearly gates!

God will understand why people can't believe in Mormonism. God gave us brains to use, and I am now using mine.

I remember hearing the quote, "The thinking has been done for you," on one or two television shows devoted to the Mormon topic. The thinking has not been done for me. I do my own thinking, everyone should be allowed to do their own thinking, and assuming you have the right to say that to someone is wrong.

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The Rolling Exhibition

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Hugs to Neatorama for posting about this amazing man and photographer. He was born without legs, and takes pictures of people staring at him during his daily life. He travels the world with camera in hand. Be sure to check out the artists' website.

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Who Elected This Trash?

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Just after posting a huge rant, I run into this on of all places!

Instead of distancing themselves from her vitriol, Republicans in the state of Oklahoma are applauding congresswoman Sally Kern for saying such small-minded and hateful things like….gays are worse than terrorists.


Kern told reporters that her fellow Republicans in Oklahoma gave her a standing ovation on Monday.

And, she has vowed not to apologize for her hateful words.


Sad. Just sad.

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Rant Time

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I have been working with the public for over 10 years. I like people. I do. Well... I like most people. I like people who are patient and understanding. I like people who treat others with respect and above all, I like people who admit when they were wrong. Why couldn't I have run into any of these people today?

Lets start early in the morning about 7:15 am, roomie and I stop by a gas station for coffee and gum, and get in line for a cash register. There are not many people in the little market, so I figured we wouldn't be there long. Boy was I wrong. The guy in front of us was just yelling and screaming at the poor lady behind the counter because his credit card was declined. Why is that her fault? I immediately broke into the conversation and stuck up for her and told the asshole that he should put his stuff back and leave the nice lady alone. How dare he? She was just doing her job. She was almost in tears by the time the guy left screaming that he was going to tell everyone what bitch she was. Amazing. Roomie and I pay for our stuff, I give my new friend a hug, and we head off to work.

We got onto main street and we were immediately cut off by some girl (who couldn't have been older than 17 tops) not paying attention to the road because she was screaming into her cell phone. We could have been killed. She could have been killed. Cell phones while driving should be outlawed everywhere in the world.

We pull into our place of employment, clock in, and work.

4 hours later we are off on our lunch break. We decided to go to a fast food place and get something totally bad for us for a change. It was delicious. We were sitting in the parking lot enjoying our meals of greasy hamburgers and tater-tots, when we saw a guy in a huge SUV pull up through the drive-thru. I don't know what could have happened to set this guy off, but he started honking his horn and yelling at the speaker for about 5 minutes. It was the first time since I moved to Utah that I wished I had a cell phone. The guy then threw his morning coffee all over the display unit/speaker of the restaurant. Nothing should make you angry enough to freak out that bad. If I wasn't concerned for my own physical safety I would have said something.

We go back to our place of employment, clock back in, and work.

On the way home we needed to stop at the grocery store. It had been a long time since I had been to this particular store, and I got a little turned around. I stopped and asked a worker if she could tell me where to find the stationary, and she couldn't. She didn't offer to help me find it, or to find someone to help me find it... she just left and said, "Sorry." That is so messed up.

When we were checking out roomie asked for a pack of cigarettes and the checker rolled his eyes at us because he had to go and pick up the cigarettes. For the record, I don't smoke, I never have... and I am trying my hardest to get roomie to quit the cancer sticks. Checkout boy comes back and asks roomie for his ID. There is no way in the world you could look at roomie and not think he is over 18. Roomie complied and took it as a compliment. Checker boy studied his Florida ID (Yeah, we have been lazy and we still haven't renewed our liscenses in Utah) and stared at his face for a really long time. It was so dumb. Just look at the birthdate kid... it's right there.

On our way home we couldn't help but think about how many people had pissed us off that day. We agreed to chill out at home tonight and watch television. We just want to be around sane people for the rest of the day.

I hope everyone else had a better day than I did.


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Time Flies

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Do you ever feel like you blinked and half a year went by? The sayings that "Time flies when you are having fun," and "It seems like just yesterday..." struck me today.

Less than a year ago I moved back to Utah after spending 7 years living and working in Orlando, Florida. Roomie and I packed up his Toyota with as much as we possibly could and put our (then) two cats in their carriers and drove across the country to start fresh. The drive was long, very long... practically endless. Kansas and Nebraska were barren, and when we reached Wyoming we were so happy to see mountains we could have cried.

We got to Logan, Utah after 4 days of driving. We were exhausted, and then we realized that we had to haul everything packed into his truck up two flights of stairs. Just when we thought we were done with the hard work we realized we needed to go to a supermarket and get something to eat. We were starving, and roomie certainly deserved a couple cans of beer to relax and chill out before the madness of unpacking started the next day.

Little did I know that trip to the grocery store would change my life forever...

Roomie and I were walking down the beverage aisle and we received glances of shock, horror, and utter disgust after we put the Miller Light in our shopping cart. The checkout girl was more than friendly to us until she saw the beer inching it's way to her hands to scan. When she finally did scan them, she did it quickly, as if she would catch alcoholism simply by touching the side of an aluminum can.

Roomie and I walked out into the parking lot and he asked me what that was all about. I turned to him and said, "Don't say I didn't warn you. Welcome to Utah."

The conversation started in the truck on the ride back to our box-filled apartment. He couldn't believe how some of the people reacted, and it didn't really shock me because I had grown up this way. It was instant judgment of our character. Roomie asked question after question about the Mormon Church. He became interested in learning about Mormon's beliefs and culture. Unfortunately, I didn't have all the answers to his questions.

Roomie popped in a frozen pizza and I set up our computer. I went online (free with our new apartment... yay) and looked up the answers for his questions. As exhausted as I was, I was up all night long. I kept learning new things, and I was in complete shock.

Joseph Smith translated the plates with his head in a hat?

Brigham Young said those horrible things about blacks?

There were multiple accounts of the first vision?

The information kept coming, and I couldn't tear myself away from my computer screen. It gives new meaning to the words, "shock and awe."

After a few weeks of chilling out, unpacking, and studying real Mormon history, I emailed my Mom with some questions I had about the church. She was the first person I knew I could go to because she was raised in a strict Mormon household... family home evening ever Monday night, scripture reading with the family... you get the picture. If someone knew about the Mormon Church it would be my Mom. She was much more faithful than I had ever been, and she had sent the missionaries on me a couple times when I lived in Orlando... I still give her hell for that.

My questions shocked my Mom, and she decided to do some research on her own and get back to me. Imagine how surprised I was when I saw someone on that sounded a lot like her... even her username reminded me of her. I shot her an email asking if she was chatting in the forum, and she was. We were both on our way out of the church, and we couldn't have been happier about it.

The journey has been long, and harsh. I don't think many TBMs understand how hard it is for people who realize Mormonism isn't all it's cracked up to be. Someone told me online that the difference between TBM's and PostMormons is the fact that one of the groups has walked in the other's shoes. It's very hard to realize that everything you thought was right, turned out to be full of horse manure. It's almost as if someone punches you in the stomach and knocks the wind out of you.

I started my blog to keep track of my feelings and thoughts about leaving the church and the emotions I was going through. I knew there were many people out there who were going through the same thing, and even though I was going through so much I knew I wanted to reach out and meet and talk with these people. We all needed each other for support that we knew we couldn't get from our Mormon families and friends. It's a horrific thing to have your belief system yanked from you, and to have someone out there who not only understands you but loves and accepts you for who you are (belief system or no belief system) was priceless.

The more I learned about the real church history, the angrier I got. Many people have accused me with having anger management issues, and they tell me to see a shrink and leave the church alone... thing is, I have a right to be angry. I have a right to be extremely angry. If the church told the correct stories about it's history it would be different. It's like realizing a loving friend or family member you have known your entire life was lying to you the whole time.

If I were married and I found out my husband was lying to me about his past, would you not think I deserved to be a little angry?

I am not out to bring the church down, I just want them to know that they can't get away with not giving the full truth. There are no excuses. None.

Soon, I will be sending in my resignation to the church. I am looking forward to it, and I have no doubts its the right thing to do. I am proud of my decision, my conscience wouldn't allow me to be associated with an organization that would lie and deceive so many people out of so much.

Not too long ago I started on a journey across the country, and it ended up being a journey that would change my life in more ways than one.

I doubt getting my notification that my membership in the LDS Church will change my emotions, or make me feel like things are even... that I didn't have to think about the church anymore. It's still a goal of mine to be here for people who are going through what I went through, and no amount of "Anti-Sydneys" could ever change that. People are leaving the church every day, and they need the same support that I got in my time of confusion... and I will be here for them.

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