If Homosexuality Is An Abomination To The Lord...

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If Homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord according to Leviticus 18:22.

Here are other equal abominations to the Lord from the Bible:

Shaving Leviticus 19:27

Tattoos Leviticus 19:28

Vegetable Gardens Leviticus 19:19

Shrimp Leviticus 11:10

Working on Saturday Leviticus 19:30

Bunnies Leviticus 11:6

Polyester Leviticus 19:19

If you are going to quote/believe one, you should quote/believe all!


  1. Jill Says:

    That polyester pic is hilarious!

  1. Andee Says:

    So glad you think so, Jill!

    Those old ladies look like they would have a good time, don't they? I kind of wish I could invite them to my vegetarian BBQ. :D