We Choose Our Parents

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I am sure I have blogged about this topic before, but I was just returning an email on the subject and I wanted to rant about it. That should surprise no one.

Mormons are taught that we live in a pre-existance before being born on the earth. I remember being taught that I chose my Mommy and Daddy before I was even born, and that all trials in my life are ones that I wanted and planned.

This didn't bug me at all and didn't strike me as odd because my parents were awesome. My home life wasn't perfect (none are) but I had nothing to complain about. I was lucky. Both of my parents loved me very much, took me to church, and helped me with any problems. I was born into the one true church. I didn't have to convert. I was taught this was because I was a good spirit in the pre-existance. I was special.

These kinds of teachings didn't strike me as odd until I came to the conclusion that other kids didn't have it so good. Some kids were only living with one parent because they were divorced, or they were living with their grandparents because their parents were unable to take care of them for one reason or another.

Were they not valiant in the pre-existance?

Should I feel superior to them?

Did they not choose the right parents before they were born?

Sometimes these kids had physical or mental problems they were dealing with. Walking with leg braces or living in a wheelchair... being deaf or blind.

I shouldn't feel bad for them because they chose this for themselves before they were born.

What about kids who have it even worse?

Kids who deal with physical, sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of their parents?

Did these children pick their parents in the pre-existance, too?

I had a friend in high school who was abused by her father. Her mother didn't live with them. They were Mormon and attended church. She was taught that she chose her parents before she was born.

Did she blame herself?

This is where I have to start questioning the validity God.

Why would an all-loving, all-seeing, all-forgiving creator send my friend to earth to live with an abusive father if He had the ability to send her elsewhere? Why didn't God answer her prayers for someone to help her? Why didn't God direct me to help her?

If God cares so much about us, why doesn't He really help those who need it?

He did nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

He certainly had the ability to do something. He just chose not to.

WHY? Why does this make sense? AT ALL???

There are millions of people all over the world who are suffering in one way or another. Why doesn't God help them? Why does he let newborn babies starve to death? Why did he not step in during the Holocaust and do something? Why does He sit back and ignore people who are abducted, tortured, sexually assaulted and killed?

Do these people not deserve His help?

Instead we are promised over and over again that God hears our prayers and that we will get answers for them when he is damned good and ready to reply.

I don't understand this teaching and I feel it causes more harm than good. As a matter of fact, it's downright sick.

I am so glad that if I ever bring children into this world they will know none of this bullshit.