Kirk Cameron Be Crazy

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Kirk Cameron.

This name brings back tons of childhood memories for me.

I watched Growing Pains when I was a kid. I even had a Kirk Cameron poster in my bedroom when I was in elementary school. I liked Kirk. He was cute and funny... but I never once thought he was smart and I am happy about that because he is one of the stupidest human beings on the planet.

I am not sure when Kirk was "saved," but I think I read it was when he was a teenager and he was on the set of Growing Pains. This is where he met his future wife, and they had to have a scene where they *gasp* KISSED. Thank the good Lord that Kirk fought against this horrific display of satanic physical expression. God will one day praise Kirk for standing his ground against the horrible people who wrote that evil script. Kirk will have a special place in heaven for sure!

...or not.

It looks like Kirk's Christianity has REALLY gotten to his brain, ladies and gentlemen. Not the normal kind of mind control usually associated with religion like constant disapproval of anyone not like you and the arrogance that you need to convince everyone else you are right. I'm saying that his brain has completely shut off. His organs are still working, but instead of the part of the brain that controls thought and critical thinking Mr. Cameron has nothing.

Maybe I shouldn't say nothing. Thats kind of mean.

Okay, how is this?

Instead of a brain, Kirk has a parrot repeating ridiculous evidences of Creation into his mouth. Is that better?

Kirk Cameron and his equally ridiculous God-pal Ray Comfort have decided to go out of their way to disprove evolution and show that a loving God created the earth.

For some reason, CNN gave them time on national television. I don't know why, either. I don't see how this is news. CNN, you disappoint me. There are too many horrific things to point out in this video, but my favorites include the fact that Kirk Cameron thinks kids are being brainwashed by Atheistic Evolution, and the part where Ray Comfort looks into the camera and says that he wants people to think about what they believe (insert mirror in front of Mr. Comfort here).

They are making the rounds (or trying to) to television stations, college campuses and other places where people flock. This is Kirk on FoxNews (I hate FoxNews with a passion) talking about a crocoduck:

TMZ posted this video of Kirk and Ray on the UCLA campus trying to preach to people who are actually trying to expand their minds. Check out what happened:

Can you say: Waaaaah Waaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaahh....

Hahahaha.... what a dumbass.

Kirk Cameron be crazy.