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I think I just made up a word.


I like it.

Here are some ancient infomercials for your entertainment. Some of these are hilarious...

Did you see the size of that thing? No, not his penis. The size of the microwave behind the doting housewife in the kitchen. It was HUGE!

The housewife looked like Mrs. Duggar, too. You know... the lady who has 8 million kids?

Okay, I don't know a person alive who could make that big of a mess with a hand-held mixer. Did you see that bullshit? Really?

Well... if even a child can use it... and hey... free rubber spatula!

Good God those people love donuts.

The look in that lady's eyes as she takes a big bite of donut gets me every time.

The loving head-nod at 57 seconds in is also classic infomercial behavior. "Gee, honey. Our life is so much simpler now that we have the Donut Express!"

When I first saw this infomercial, I thought, "Why the *uck didn't I think of that????"

Seriously. It doesn't take a genius to think of this. Someone is a millionaire and it isn't me! :(

Edited to add Micro-Crisp!!

Holy Cow!