Televangelists Exposed

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Ever notice how the people who claim to be close to God are the same people who are leading a secret double life? From being caught with drugs, committing adultery (including *gasp* gay sex!) to stealing church funds to enhance your lifestyle. Of course, their God might want them to have mansions and millions of dollars worth of cars instead of using that same money to feed the hungry and clothe the poor... what do I know?

Personally, I think televangelists are examples of people who want to be rich and powerful. Religion and churches are not taxed, they get to keep 100% of all money given to them. They don't have to account for where that money goes.

Money being taken from church assets and given to church owned for-profit businesses?

Hmmm, sounds familiar ex-Mormons... doesn't it?

Asking for money, claiming that you will be blessed if you give... oh, the wonderful blessings you will receive if you pay your tithing. You will be allowed to attend the temple, only something paying members get to do.

This is such bullshit, people.

It's time that people start holding so-called churches responsible for their actions.

It's fraud!

You mean he really isn't healing people?

I am so shocked.

Come on, folks! If this guy really had the ability to heal people, he would be a lot more well-known, and people would be flocking to him instead of going to doctors.

It's all about the money. The lavish lifestyle.

Is this what Jesus would do with millions of dollars?

Doubt it.

Any church that claims you need to give them money in order to receive blessings is LYING to you. They want your money. They continue to get your money through the fear they preach.

These people are the scum of the earth.

Forgive me for not getting these videos in order. I goofed.