Sunday Pot Luck: Video Edition

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Wow, Donny. Talk about your average coached answer.

I think that if you made a video of Mormons starting to talk about certain beliefs you would hear the same first few words, "I am not an authority on the subject."

As a matter of fact, when I spoke with my Mom's ex-bishop a year ago (even longer) about this issue, he had the same response.

"I am not someone who has all the answers as to why the blacks were not allowed to hold the priesthood for so long."

Really? So... who is the one with the answers and how the hell do I get to talk to him? Let me guess, I need to talk to a general authority or the "prophet" himself. Yeah. That will happen.

Don't even get me started on the fact that women STILL can't hold the priesthood and no one seems to give a shit about it! HELLO!!!!

It's like they don't see discrimination unless they feel its happening to them!


/End Rant.


  1. Rachel Says:

    I LOVE Julia Sweeny. :) I'm waiting for the missionaries to show up at my door... but I have yet to fill out my paper work or whatever you have to do to get removed from the church records. I feel unethical staying on them... and kinda icky. Andee, have you read Under the Banner of Heaven? You would LOVE it. I read it and cried I was so mad at being raised in such an obvious cult. I've been out of the 'morg' for 10 years, and I want my name off for good!!!

  1. Andee Says:


    Thanks for the comment!

    I haven't resigned from the church yet, either. I keep planning on doing it and then procrastinating. I also have this daydream about going to my excommunication court and ripping the guys a new asshole. I have had this blog open, under my real name, and NOTHING. Come on LDS Church!! Come and get me!!

    I did read Under The Banner of Heaven. It made me just as sick and angry as you.

    I had a discussion with a never-Mormon a couple days ago who studied cults in college. She said Mormonism wasn't a cult and I told her otherwise. We should know. Ugh.

    Don't be a stranger!!