Pervert Morons

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No, not Mormons.


That is what I am blogging about right now. The words look pretty similar and I don't want people to assume I forgot to use my spell check (I actually rarely use it... I should... hahaha...).

As I have mentioned many times before, I am a crime news junkie. I like to read about crimes (no, not to study them in hopes that I might one day commit the perfect murder) and see if I can understand the motive or figure out "whodunit."

I came across a news article of some asshole using his cell phone to take photos of women's underwear. They were walking around in a store or the park with a dress or skirt on and he walked by them with the camera in just the right spot to take a peek of some stranger's panties. It happens all the time, I think we would probably be shocked by how many people get away with this.

This skeevy perv finally got caught. I think and hope that all skeevy pervs get caught at one point or another. Whether they are found guilty of the crime is another story.

I got to thinking about a run-in I had with one of these creeps while I was working at a theme park in Orlando...

I worked in an area that was themed for children, and in this part of the park there were benches and winding pathways for parents to wander with their children. Next door to this garden walkway was a water play area. One of those places where you see water shoot up from the sidewalks or fountains you are encouraged to splash in and cool off in the hot Florida sun.

Kids and parents would make their way to the water area, some of them planning out this part of the day in advance by packing swimsuits for the kids so they can really play. As hot as it gets in Orlando, you need to find relief somehow! Sometimes, people from overseas would let their kids run around completely naked. If we saw this happen we were taught to politely ask the parents to clothe their children.

So, one day, I was walking through the pathway I previously mentioned checking for trash or anything that was hazardous in any way. I was the team lead for the area and these checks are a daily task to make sure no one gets hurt and the park is in good condition.

The day I am speaking of was kind of quiet. Not too many people flocking to the park. I was kind of bored since everything was running so smoothly. No angry guests I needed to attend to, no slip and falls I needed to file reports on. Just a lovely day.

Well... until I started paying attention to a weird man in the pathway.

He had a digital camera. One of the really tiny ones. He would look around to see if anyone was looking at him and then he would look towards the water play area and snap a couple photos of the kids in their swimsuits.

My mind started racing. My intuition told me that this guy was off. He was up to no good. Trouble is, I can't just walk up to paying guests and demand to see what they are taking pictures of. So, I called my supervisor and asked for advice. Supervisor called security and informed them of the situation. Supervisor calls me back and tells me to pretend I see nothing wrong so I don't scare him away.

Security eventually arrived and approached the man with the camera.

When this happened his face went pale. He looked down at his camera and started pushing buttons furiously. He was trying to erase the photos he took. Security officers were in a tough position because they can't physically restrain anyone unless they are causing bodily harm to someone else. This guy wasn't doing that.

There was conversation between the weirdo and security officers. He was acting fidgety and nervous. It was clear he knew he was doing something wrong and that he was scared to death.

Eventually security asked him if he had children playing in the area, or if he came to the park with other people who had kids.


He came alone.

Huge red flag.

You don't go to a theme park all by yourself just to sit in an area where kids play (sometimes wearing nothing but bathing suits and sometimes buck ass naked). They had reasonable cause to ask him to leave the area and he agreed to do so.

Couple days later he was back.

I couldn't believe it!

Did he really think park employees wouldn't notice him? He was a first class, pervy moron.

This time, security escorted him out of the entire park into the custody of Orange County police officers. They confiscated the camera as evidence. He was trespassed from the park and told to stay away.

I never really found out if any charges were filed against the guy. There was rumors within the employee circle that he had once worked for the theme park but that was never proven.

I'm not really sure why I sat down at my keyboard and typed this whole thing out, but oh well... there you have it. My non-exciting story of pervert behavior.

Some people are just messed up in the head, you know?



  1. Maelstrom Says:

    Yeah, I was really hoping it was about Pervert Mormons. . .

  1. Andee Says:

    Sorry Maelstrom.

    I have already done too many stories on Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. ;)