I'm Pissed

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I'm pissed.

What is up with these crazy assholes who think that walking into a building full of innocent people and shooting them one by one is a great idea?

What. The. Fuck.


If you feel like you can't handle life anymore, or that you are angry because something is wrong in your life, why do you take it out on other people?


I mean, I have been angry at the Mormon Church and religion in general for a very long time... did it ever once occur to me that I should drive to Salt Lake City and take out everyone inside the Church office building?
Of course not!

Yesterday, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, walked into a building where soldiers were preparing to get shots and eye tests before leaving for Iraq. He brought with him two handguns, and started shooting.

He took out 12 people, and 31 are injured. Did these people do anything to Maj. Hasan? No. They were just targets to him. He wanted to make a point. The only point he made is that he has no soul.

News reports are saying that he was depressed and that he didn't want to be deployed.

Does anyone WANT to be deployed to a war zone? Hell, no.

I want nothing more than to get in this asswad's face and remind him that the soldiers he wounded and killed are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Many of these people enlisted to help take care of their families, for a better education, or because they wanted to serve our country. It makes me SICK that a fellow solider killed them. SICK.

How wrapped up in your own little world can you be?

You don't want to do something so you kill a bunch of people that have nothing to do with it?

Fuck that. Just take yourself out.

Today brought yet another mass shooting in the town I spent 7 years in: Orlando, Florida.

Jason Rodriguez, 40, walked into an Orlando high-rise building and started shooting. He killed one and injured 5 more.

He was fired from the architecture company over 2 1/2 years ago for poor performance. Instead of moving on with his life and possibly learning a valuable lesson about what is expected of him in his job, he holds a grudge for two years and then tries to take out his ex-coworkers.

He got away, too.

Police ended up finding him at his mother's home and they arrested him without any further violence.

Guess he didn't want to get hurt.

This whole idea of killing others before killing yourself is absolutely mind-boggling to me. If you are tired of living your life and you want to put a gun to your head, I can't stop ya. I don't think its a wise decision, and suicide is not in the best interests of the friends and family who love you, but people make that decision every day.

How many stories have we heard lately about husbands and wives losing their jobs, their homes and everything they worked for before killing their family and then themselves?

Why do these people think they have the right to kill someone because they are having a bad day? Because things are going wrong in their life?

It's the definition of selfish.

Sorry for the rant, guys... but if people would just express their anger in ways like this rather than hurting innocent people, the world would be a better (and much safer) place.