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Video Hell: Religion

The Best of Jonathan Bell

The next two videos are truly disturbing. They call their website Aggressive Christianity, and it comes complete with long ranting sentences and BIG BOLD RED LETTERS that are supposed to prove to you they are the word of God. Seriously guys, trying to read the page on my computer screen made my eyes hurt and caused a minor headache. Please go to to this website at your own risk. ;) This is what they have to say about the leaders of their army of God:

Every vision has a beginning. In 1979 James and Deborah Green entered the prayer closet and God was there. Speaking to them prophetically, He made it clear that He was raising up an army--His Spirit army. True, there had been other armies claiming the Lord's name, but this was something new. It was by the prophetic Word of the Lord that the Aggressive Vision came to be. Believing what God had said, the Generals took it to heart and began to give their lives so they could live their lives to fulfill the vision. True to His Word, after many years of seeking and sacrifice, determination and hard work, God has brought into existence an army. And that's just the beginning. Over the years God has expanded and embellished the vision, bringing others into the revelation as well, until today God's Holy Tribal Nation shines like a beacon on a high mountain, lifting others up and calling people around the world to give their lives in His service. Yes, God is raising up His army, an army of fearless, obedient disciples--The Army That Sheds No Blood! This is how the Aggressive Vision came to be. The Word of the Lord shall never fail!

The men and women in this group dress in fake military garb and believe they are God's Army. The video shows a guy named "General" James Green lecturing his people about the reasons he will not allow the group to have televisions.

One of the biggest signs of a cult is when the leaders try to keep you from media and then instead fill you with their own messages so you don't have the ability to discern truth from fiction. It's a classic, and you would be surprised how many mainstream religions do this on smaller levels... like telling you what shows you should/shouldn't watch, what newspapers you should read, when you should be watching television, you get the idea.

If God exists, which I clearly believe he does not, I doubt he would think televisions are wicked. Especially since there are so many televangelists out there sharing in his word and preaching the gospel... not to mention becoming wealthy and getting famous and powerful, too.

Yeah, kind of boring, but really fucked up when you think about it. People making themselves generals and thinking God talks to them in some closet running people and getting them to shout "Hallelujah!" when they tell them televisions are wicked.