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Since this whole coming out of the Atheist closet is new to me, I decided to do some research on the different Atheist groups on the net.

It's amazing how many like-minded people there are out there...

People who think logically and rationally instead of magically. Let me tell you... living in Utah I thrive on being able to communicate with those who really understand me. I am surrounded by conservative, religious people who are convinced their way is the right way.

Their way is batshit.

Yeah, I said it.

The Out Campaign invites Atheists from all over the globe to stand up for ourselves. Don't be ashamed to be an atheist. Don't be embarrassed. Be proud. There are a lot of us out there.

I remember when I was first learning about the true history of the Mormon Church. I felt as if the walls were closing in on me and that my entire life was one big joke and lie. All of my goals, all of my desires were not my own, they were taught to me.

I will never forget the moment when I took a step back and realized, "Oh my God. Mormonism is false, and other religions are not that much better."

I mean, lets think about it for a moment... Virgin births? Burning bushes? Giant arks? Living in the belly of a whale? Magical underpants?


How did I ever buy this crap?!

Would I have ever bought into this if it wasn't fed to me when I was a kid? Forcing children to attend any form of church is just wrong to me... and I won't feel sorry about that or apologize for it. Kids are not allowed to make up their own minds about things like this. They are taught to believe what their parents believe. They don't have a chance.

I have a hard time explaining the feelings that were going through me, but relief is the best word I can come up with. Relief. I didn't have to be who they wanted me to be. I could just be Andee.

I wish I would have learned that a long time ago.

I think about the nights where I would lay in bed and feel bad about myself because I didn't want what Mormon women were supposed to want. I didn't want to get married young and start popping out children just to appease my fellow ward members and family. I didn't have any desire to be a stay at home Mom. I wanted to go to school. I wanted a career. I didn't fit in with those people, I never did. I thought there was something wrong with me and that I would pay the price for not following God's plan when I died.

Now, thankfully, I recognize this as programmed fear. If I were too afraid of God's punishment I would just keep my mouth shut and fall in line. Hahaha... right.

This post is really going nowhere fast. Sorry.

If you have similar thoughts about atheism and religion, check out The Out Campaign and display your scarlet letter A on your blog proudly. I am!!

Open minds are a beautiful thing.



  1. Mark and Rebecca Says:

    I'm LDS and don't understand atheism--doesn't sound scientific to me. Nice pictures of the cat, though.

  1. Andee Says:

    Do you think Mormonism is scientific? Please explain. I await your reply.

  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    As do I.

    And Andee, I've felt the exact same things. I often wonder how in the hell I believed all that shit. And then I remember how I was taught to not think for myself, to discount science if it in any way contradicted Mormon doctrine because I was brainwashed to believe that those old white men had magical visions of the future, and were smarter and better informed than the most intelligent and diligent scientist.

    It completely crazy, and now I find it hard to remember/understand why their insane rantings are given any credence at all.

    And yes, not being fettered with the crazy and reality-denial anymore is such a beautiful thing.