More Craziness...

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These people are nuts.

I want to know if this girl who says her legs were healed by the ministry would step forward and offer a medical history and volunteer to visit another doctor to see if any change was really made to her legs.

The human mind is an amazing thing...

These people are in a room, praising Jesus and working each other up into a frenzy.

Lets take a look at how an atheist would view things:

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Faith Gone Stupid

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I love YouTube...

Check out these videos of Faith Gone Stupid by AndreScott336:

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Sunday Pot Luck

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Video Hell: Religion

The Best of Jonathan Bell

The next two videos are truly disturbing. They call their website Aggressive Christianity, and it comes complete with long ranting sentences and BIG BOLD RED LETTERS that are supposed to prove to you they are the word of God. Seriously guys, trying to read the page on my computer screen made my eyes hurt and caused a minor headache. Please go to to this website at your own risk. ;) This is what they have to say about the leaders of their army of God:

Every vision has a beginning. In 1979 James and Deborah Green entered the prayer closet and God was there. Speaking to them prophetically, He made it clear that He was raising up an army--His Spirit army. True, there had been other armies claiming the Lord's name, but this was something new. It was by the prophetic Word of the Lord that the Aggressive Vision came to be. Believing what God had said, the Generals took it to heart and began to give their lives so they could live their lives to fulfill the vision. True to His Word, after many years of seeking and sacrifice, determination and hard work, God has brought into existence an army. And that's just the beginning. Over the years God has expanded and embellished the vision, bringing others into the revelation as well, until today God's Holy Tribal Nation shines like a beacon on a high mountain, lifting others up and calling people around the world to give their lives in His service. Yes, God is raising up His army, an army of fearless, obedient disciples--The Army That Sheds No Blood! This is how the Aggressive Vision came to be. The Word of the Lord shall never fail!

The men and women in this group dress in fake military garb and believe they are God's Army. The video shows a guy named "General" James Green lecturing his people about the reasons he will not allow the group to have televisions.

One of the biggest signs of a cult is when the leaders try to keep you from media and then instead fill you with their own messages so you don't have the ability to discern truth from fiction. It's a classic, and you would be surprised how many mainstream religions do this on smaller levels... like telling you what shows you should/shouldn't watch, what newspapers you should read, when you should be watching television, you get the idea.

If God exists, which I clearly believe he does not, I doubt he would think televisions are wicked. Especially since there are so many televangelists out there sharing in his word and preaching the gospel... not to mention becoming wealthy and getting famous and powerful, too.

Yeah, kind of boring, but really fucked up when you think about it. People making themselves generals and thinking God talks to them in some closet running people and getting them to shout "Hallelujah!" when they tell them televisions are wicked.

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Miss Gaga

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Okay, you either love Lady Gaga or you hate her.

I happen to love her.

She is eccentric, yes. A little strange? Absolutely. Unique? No one like her.

One thing you can't deny is that this girl has talent.

I like her album, which I don't own sadly, but I love her LIVE ACOUSTIC stuff!! Holy shit!!

If you haven't listened to this before, give it a try. I really wish she would perform acoustic versions more often. It's the best.


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How Mind Control Starts

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Christian Nightmares, a blog I wrote about the other day, shared this video on their website and I couldn't help myself from putting it up here as well.

This makes me physically ill.

I know that some people will look at this as nothing more than a cute little baby trying to be like the people she sees in her everyday life, but it's clear that the people on the stage are directing this BABY where to go and where to stand during certain parts of the video.

This is the non-Mormon equivalent of a Mommy walking her young child (sometimes barely able to talk) up to the microphone on fast Sunday and whispering into their ear what to say to the rest of the congregation.

I have said it before, I will say it again.

This is brainwashing.

Young children don't have the ability to know if they believe in the Bible. They can't even READ the Bible. Same for the Book of Mormon, the belief that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that they will be with their family forever as long as they do exactly what the church tells them to do.

No kid should be asked to get up on stage to do shit like this. I think it's morally wrong!

They are not sharing their own thoughts and feelings, they are repeating what everyone else wants them to hear. They are learning at an early age that believing in their particular religion makes the people around them happy, and then they go through their entire lives not knowing the full story or even attempting to truly study the religion.

I should know. Happened to me. My Mom, too.

Let me also state, for the record, that I hate looking at photos of small baby boys dressed up in an adult white shirt with "Elder" nametags.

It's not cute.

It's disturbing.

Your baby doesn't even know what a missionary is. Your baby doesn't even understand what God is. Your baby understands food, drink, Mommy, Daddy and playtime.

This crap pisses me off.


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Good Times!!

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I could seriously spend day after day goofing off on this website called

It lets you create web pages using flash and it's really fun and easy. I have been playing around with it for a little while and I made these pages.

Let me know what you think!

Keep in mind I was just playing around, and that I still don't really know what I am doing... haha... don't judge me too harshly ;)

Dark Forest

I liked this one... it's kind of dark, though...

Pink and Black

I like the color scheme, but it's kind of "girly."

Back and Red Goth

This one reminds me of Twilight... and for that reason alone I will never use it.


Wasn't sure what to name this one... it's pretty plain but bold.

Colorful Spring

One of my favorites!!

Deep Dark Amber

I like the bubbles on this one...

Another red and black

I like the effect behind the "Windy Sydney" sign.

Wood and Grass

Not enough color, but kind of cute... If you hover over the clouds, grass and sun there are bubbles, flowers and sparkles.

Okay... what do you guys think?

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Kirk Cameron Be Crazy

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Kirk Cameron.

This name brings back tons of childhood memories for me.

I watched Growing Pains when I was a kid. I even had a Kirk Cameron poster in my bedroom when I was in elementary school. I liked Kirk. He was cute and funny... but I never once thought he was smart and I am happy about that because he is one of the stupidest human beings on the planet.

I am not sure when Kirk was "saved," but I think I read it was when he was a teenager and he was on the set of Growing Pains. This is where he met his future wife, and they had to have a scene where they *gasp* KISSED. Thank the good Lord that Kirk fought against this horrific display of satanic physical expression. God will one day praise Kirk for standing his ground against the horrible people who wrote that evil script. Kirk will have a special place in heaven for sure!

...or not.

It looks like Kirk's Christianity has REALLY gotten to his brain, ladies and gentlemen. Not the normal kind of mind control usually associated with religion like constant disapproval of anyone not like you and the arrogance that you need to convince everyone else you are right. I'm saying that his brain has completely shut off. His organs are still working, but instead of the part of the brain that controls thought and critical thinking Mr. Cameron has nothing.

Maybe I shouldn't say nothing. Thats kind of mean.

Okay, how is this?

Instead of a brain, Kirk has a parrot repeating ridiculous evidences of Creation into his mouth. Is that better?

Kirk Cameron and his equally ridiculous God-pal Ray Comfort have decided to go out of their way to disprove evolution and show that a loving God created the earth.

For some reason, CNN gave them time on national television. I don't know why, either. I don't see how this is news. CNN, you disappoint me. There are too many horrific things to point out in this video, but my favorites include the fact that Kirk Cameron thinks kids are being brainwashed by Atheistic Evolution, and the part where Ray Comfort looks into the camera and says that he wants people to think about what they believe (insert mirror in front of Mr. Comfort here).

They are making the rounds (or trying to) to television stations, college campuses and other places where people flock. This is Kirk on FoxNews (I hate FoxNews with a passion) talking about a crocoduck:

TMZ posted this video of Kirk and Ray on the UCLA campus trying to preach to people who are actually trying to expand their minds. Check out what happened:

Can you say: Waaaaah Waaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaahh....

Hahahaha.... what a dumbass.

Kirk Cameron be crazy.


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Proof That Religion Makes People Stupid

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I woke up this morning and read that a famous Christian faith healer died of cancer this morning. I wanted to see him in action on YouTube laying his hands upon the heads of those who needed healing and pushing them to the floor like Benny Hinn, but I didn't have any luck finding it.

Hate it when that happens.

But... I did find something very amusing/scary while searching Google. It's a Christian blog called Jesus Christ is Lord. Let me tell you something, just one glance at ONE ARTICLE pissed me off so much that I wanted to go outside and kick a tree (and I LIKE TREES!!). Be warned that this little gem isn't for the faint at heart. Prepare yourself for a true display of how messed up in the mind religious people can get. You might want to take some time and take any prescribed high blood pressure medication, do some yoga, or take a shot of Jack Daniels.

You hath been warned.

Here are a few of my "favorites":

When Demons Attack Your Mind

First, you have to gain some level of control, awareness, or inventory of the thoughts and ideas that are in your head. If you have an “atom – smasher mind” that is totally chaotic with all sorts of different discordant thoughts running back and forth, your mind is literally ripe to becoming a demonic playpen. Not only that, but a person having such a mind will find it very difficult to be productive in many areas of his or her life: for instance such a person will have a hard time starting projects, finishing them, keeping appointments, etc. Such a person will either not pay much attention to detail, or pay entirely too much attention and lose perspective.

Beware: The Toilet Demon
Remember to pray before dropping your pants.

Also, please realize that if YOU do not control your mind, OTHERS WILL. Right now it may be the government and corporate influences that bombard your mind through the media and culture, and the evil spirits that they empower. But make no mistake, in the future it WILL be the beast, the anti – Christ. And I know that Scientology, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age, and even some strands of “Christianity” offer techniques for you to control your mind: auditing, “mind exercises”, contemplative prayer, meditation, chanting, yoga, etc. What you are actually doing with these is giving full control over your mind to evil spirits that allow you to THINK that you are in control when the truth is that THEY are calling the shots. Instead of messing around with witchcraft and finding yourself bewitched, just obey what the Bible says. Find a quiet place. Get into God’s rest. And yes, Sabbaths are GREAT for resting the mind and body.


And once you are fully aware that a voice or image inside your head is NOT from God and NOT from you, then the only other option is demons. Even memories: demons have the ability to dredge up stuff to tempt or torment you. As a matter of fact, there is even a type of demon called a “memory recall demon.” So, you CANNOT entertain the thoughts or the demons that send them. You CANNOT try to justify, rationalize, figure out, etc. the thoughts. You MUST IMMEDIATELY RESIST THE DEMONS AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE YOUR MIND USING THE NAME AND POWER OF JESUS CHRIST. Now realize this: only people who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior have this power. If you have not, take care of it right now so that you can begin reclaiming your mind.


You must speak to the demons out loud, even if only in a whisper (which helps if you are around other people). Say something after the effect of “Evil spirit, I know that’s you, and that you are nothing but a liar and a corrupter with no power, and no right to my mind because it is owned, protected, and covered by the One True God. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go from my mind, and in the Name of Jesus Christ I bind you from returning!” Now you do not have to repeat exactly that every single time. As a matter of fact, if you repeat something from memory, it will only be ritualistic legalism, not spiritually warring from your heart to make it real, and will block the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, coming up with something new and unique each time can be confusing, tiring, and time – consuming.

Pretty damned crazy, isn't it?

Wait! There is more!!

Wanna read about what one of their posters thought about the death of Gordon B. Hinkley? Former "prophet" of my former religion? This is an article written by Bill Keller:

An evil tool of satan masquerading as a Godly grandfather is buring in hell for all eternity! Gordon B. Hinckley, the leader of the satanic Mormon cult is dead at 97. Hinckley saw this cult grow from 9 million members to over
13 million members worldwide during his 12-year reign as its leader. While
Hinckley is already being memorialized as a “great man of God,” the fact is
his life has been an instrument in the hands of satan to help lead the souls of men to hell by following the false theology of the Mormon cult.


Here are just a few of the theological issues that makes the satanic Mormon cult totally inconsistent with Biblical Christianity and why a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is. The god of the Mormon cult is NOT the God of the Bible. Their “god” is named Elohim and was once a man like you and I who came from another planet. Mormon theology teaches that men can eventually become a god and have their own planet. When a Mormon talks about “god,” he is talking about this fictitious god of Mormonism and NOT the God of the Bible!


When a Mormon talks about “jesus,” he is NOT talking about the true Jesus of the Bible! What Jesus you put your faith in is so critical, since this is why anyone who puts their faith in the imaginary jesus of Joseph Smith and the satanic Mormon cult will die in their sins and their souls burn forever in the flames of hell!

It's pretty damned clear that I am no fan of the Mormon church, but this guy is absolutely insane! I can't believe how many people follow this dill-hole. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

You should read what they think about homosexuality... on second thought, it will just make you want to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge...

When will people learn?

Religion is about control, money and power. It's about keeping you in line and gaining access to your pocketbook.


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Introduction To Christianity -Dave Allen

Bill Maher -The Reason for Everything

George Carlin -Religion is Bullshit

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Atheists are Crazy

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Yeah... Atheists are crazy...

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Televangelists Exposed

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Ever notice how the people who claim to be close to God are the same people who are leading a secret double life? From being caught with drugs, committing adultery (including *gasp* gay sex!) to stealing church funds to enhance your lifestyle. Of course, their God might want them to have mansions and millions of dollars worth of cars instead of using that same money to feed the hungry and clothe the poor... what do I know?

Personally, I think televangelists are examples of people who want to be rich and powerful. Religion and churches are not taxed, they get to keep 100% of all money given to them. They don't have to account for where that money goes.

Money being taken from church assets and given to church owned for-profit businesses?

Hmmm, sounds familiar ex-Mormons... doesn't it?

Asking for money, claiming that you will be blessed if you give... oh, the wonderful blessings you will receive if you pay your tithing. You will be allowed to attend the temple, only something paying members get to do.

This is such bullshit, people.

It's time that people start holding so-called churches responsible for their actions.

It's fraud!

You mean he really isn't healing people?

I am so shocked.

Come on, folks! If this guy really had the ability to heal people, he would be a lot more well-known, and people would be flocking to him instead of going to doctors.

It's all about the money. The lavish lifestyle.

Is this what Jesus would do with millions of dollars?

Doubt it.

Any church that claims you need to give them money in order to receive blessings is LYING to you. They want your money. They continue to get your money through the fear they preach.

These people are the scum of the earth.

Forgive me for not getting these videos in order. I goofed.

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Brief Bible Blunders

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It seems all I do lately is post YouTube Videos that I fall in love with. Sorry if that annoys you, its just that when I see something I really enjoy or that makes me think I want to share it. You know... spreading the gospel of atheism. ;)

A man with the username ProfMTH has a YouTube Channel that includes this series on Brief Bible Blunders. They are well made and they really make you think. Check 'em out!

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God Stuff

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I miss this on the Daily Show!

Hell, I miss the Daily Show period... no cable. :(

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Religious NutJobs!

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This one is really disturbing:

This nutcase is telling his congregation to not worry about things like finding lumps in your breasts or listening to doctors. You should just die when God wants you to die. Not so funny... more sick and disturbing than anything else:

This television preacher claims that he can heal people. A young girl calls in explaining that she was born with HIV, and the man "heals" her. He then goes on to tell her that he has healed others from HIV.

What. An. Asshole.

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Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

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Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

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Watch this!!

Do it!!


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Child Abuse

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The parents of these children should be arrested for child abuse.

This is disgusting.

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*quick edit*

Some of these videos are larger than I want them to be, but blogger won't let me change the formatting for some reason or I just don't know how. It bugs the shit out of me but I will have to deal with it. Sorry, peeps!


Since coming to the realization that Joseph Smith was a womanizing con man and that Jesus is just as fictional as the Easter Bunny, I have found so much pleasure in watching people preach and interpret the bible on YouTube just so I can laugh at them.

One of the most infamous Christians on YouTube went by the name VenomFangX. I use the past tense because he has since shut down his YouTube Channel and his personal website and is now dealing with personal problems (the law). I thought some of you who had never heard of this guy would get a big kick out of his antics and how he was caught being a big fat fraud :)

I have posted videos from Laci Green on the blog before. She is freaking awesome, and an ex-Mormon like myself. This is an exchange between Laci (atheist) and VenomFangX (Christian):

That seemed pretty pleasant, nice, and to the point... doesn't it?

This is the beginning of the debate. Laci asked about the Bible:

I love how he called the Mormon Church the "Church of Satan" and couldn't stop himself from going there even though Laci's former religion has NOTHING to do with her questions about the Bible.

Notice how he acts? I don't mean how he behaves... I mean how he ACTS. He is an actor playing a part... and not very well.

Other YouTube Atheists called Venom out for his comments:

Here he is proving that satan invented evolution!

Here he is discussing Halloween:

He really likes playing dress-up:

And like most Christians he believes that the Earth is 6000 years old:

Honestly, when I first started watching these videos I was wanting to believe (desperately) that Venom was putting up brilliant satire.


People from all over the world started to take note of what a dumbass Venom was:

Venom got pretty peeved with people using clips from his videos to use in response to him. He started filing false reports about his copyrights to his videos. He was forced to put this up on YouTube after realizing he could be in trouble for his actions:

Later on, Venom decided to start his own ministry and asked for money from his YouTube Subscribers and supporters with videos like this:

Then, suddenly, VenomFangX went *poof*

Then he came back!

...but not for long.

Those who followed the entire mess on YouTube took the time to explain his actions to others (and him) dprjones being my favorite:

What. A. Tool.


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Religion Is Evil

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I hate religion.

Religion makes people feel superior to others, makes them feel they have the right to judge, punish and kill in the name of their God.

Screw this.

When will people realize that there is no group in the "right?"

No one has the answers, and they are willing to put their money and faith behind people who can do things like this and then in the next breath they think they are chosen and righteous?

Yeah, Atheists are horrible.

Come. On.

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Christian Nightmares

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Christian Nightmares is pure internet gold.

Here is Christian Tween Pop Sensation pureNRG!

Surely Jesus would want you to buckle up in the back of that Mustang! Wait... what am I saying? Jesus will save you from harm because you have accepted him into your heart! Silly me.

The rapture! Nothing like scaring people into religion!!! Especially children:

Christian rappers perform a song about the dangers of full frontal hugging:

A promo for evangelist Randy Alcorn’s video course on Heaven (wonder how much money this guy made selling these DVDs):

A clip from a Christian aerobics video, with live accompaniment by a gospel choir:

You can't forget Kirk Cameron:

To think I used to have a crush on him when I was a kid. Whew.

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Tree Hugging Is Necessary...

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When I walk to the grocery store or take a walk I always take my camera with me. Yesterday was no exception. I walked up to a beautiful bush with tiny red berries so I could get a close-up and when I got closer I realized a good photo was impossible due to the TRASH.

Seriously folks, the grocery store is less than 3 blocks from my apartment and everywhere I looked I saw litter. In the grass, on the sidewalks, the gutters, in the middle of the street. Everywhere.

Styrofoam cups, plastic bags, clothing, aluminum cans, condoms, bullets, even a syringe!!

It's disgusting!

I am willing to guess that at least 80% of the people in my town are believers of a higher power. They think God created this wonderful world just for us humans to destroy! Who cares? Jesus is coming to take us away anyway, right?

Once I started paying attention to the trash I saw it everywhere.

Halfway to the store I decided to snap a photo of every piece of trash I saw lying around to see how many photos I had.

Any wagers on the number of digital images I downloaded from Henrietta (yes, I named my camera)?


One hundred and eighty seven separate photos. Here are a few of them.

What is so fucking hard about walking to a trash can to throw stuff away??? AGH!

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Sunday Pot Luck: Video Edition

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Wow, Donny. Talk about your average coached answer.

I think that if you made a video of Mormons starting to talk about certain beliefs you would hear the same first few words, "I am not an authority on the subject."

As a matter of fact, when I spoke with my Mom's ex-bishop a year ago (even longer) about this issue, he had the same response.

"I am not someone who has all the answers as to why the blacks were not allowed to hold the priesthood for so long."

Really? So... who is the one with the answers and how the hell do I get to talk to him? Let me guess, I need to talk to a general authority or the "prophet" himself. Yeah. That will happen.

Don't even get me started on the fact that women STILL can't hold the priesthood and no one seems to give a shit about it! HELLO!!!!

It's like they don't see discrimination unless they feel its happening to them!


/End Rant.

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Top Ten Signs You Are A Fundamentalist Christian

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Top Ten Signs You Are A Fundamentalist Christian

10 - You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of yours.

9 - You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists say that people evolved from other life forms, but you have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were created from dirt.

8 - You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem believing in a Triune God.

7 - Your face turns purple when you hear of the "atrocities" attributed to Allah, but you don't even flinch when hearing about how God/Jehovah slaughtered all the babies of Egypt in "Exodus" and ordered the elimination of entire ethnic groups in "Joshua" including women, children, and trees!

6 - You laugh at Hindu beliefs that deify humans, and Greek claims about gods sleeping with women, but you have no problem believing that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary, who then gave birth to a man-god who got killed, came back to life and then ascended into the sky.

5 - You are willing to spend your life looking for little loopholes in the scientifically established age of Earth (few billion years), but you find nothing wrong with believing dates recorded by Bronze Age tribesmen sitting in their tents and guessing that Earth is a few generations old.

4 - You believe that the entire population of this planet with the exception of those who share your beliefs -- though excluding those in all rival sects - will spend Eternity in an infinite Hell of Suffering. And yet consider your religion the most "tolerant" and "loving."

3 - While modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise, some idiot rolling around on the floor speaking in "tongues" may be all the evidence you need to "prove" Christianity.

2 - You define 0.01% as a "high success rate" when it comes to answered prayers. You consider that to be evidence that prayer works. And you think that the remaining 99.99% FAILURE was simply the will of God.

1- You actually know a lot less than many atheists and agnostics do about the Bible, Christianity, and church history - but still call yourself a Christian.

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The Lost Art of Proofreading

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I don't claim to be the best at writing, spelling and getting my point across in a clear manner, but after visiting The Lost Art of Proofreading I feel better about myself.

Check these out!!

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Why Didn't God Help Shaniya?

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Let me begin by saying that I have been following this story from the very beginning. This little girl, Shaniya, has a place in my heart forever. Something about her smile really tore at me, and I sat by my computer constantly checking for updates on her whereabouts and safety. For some reason, this specific story made me stop whatever I was doing at the time and pay attention.

For those who haven't been keeping up with this story in the news, let me get you up to speed...

This beautiful little girl, Shaniya Davis, was five years old when she was raped and murdered (allegedly) by Mario Andrette McNeill.

Shaniya spent most of her childhood living with her father, Bradley Lockhart, and his relatives. While it's clear that neither of Shaniya's parents were picture perfect, you can tell that Mr. Lockhart loved his little girl very much.

Shaniya was the result of a one night stand, and Shaniya's mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, had drug problems and run-ins with the law. It seems as though Mr. Lockhart thought Antoinette had begun to get her life together, and he allowed his daughter to stay with her Mom for a period of time.

He said his daughter had lived with him for the past three or four years. He let her live with her mother, Antoinette Davis, about three weeks ago because she had found a place to live and had held a job for six months, he said.

"I just wanted her to be a mother," he said. "She was never part of her life."

He would never see her again.

Shaniya's mother, Antoinette, called 911 from her mobile home in North Carolina :

While working in Utah in the construction field, Bradley Lockhart found out that his daughter had been reported missing. Abducted from her mother's mobile home. He flew back home to speak with investigators and help locate Shaniya. He was desperate, making television plea after television plea begging for help from the public in locating his precious little girl.

Shaniya's father and his family.

The television pleas were helping with leads. People were calling in with possible sightings, ideas, theories... you name it. The scariest of which were those who knew Antoinette and thought that she might have been prostituting her 5 year old daughter in a back room of the home she disappeared from.

Police arrested their first suspect, Clarence Darriel Coe (30) who just happens to be Antoinette's boyfriend. They quickly realized they had the wrong man and released him when a tipster called in from a hotel in Sanford after witnessing the little girl and a man identified by Mario AndretteMcNeill. Investigators quickly looked through surveillance tape and passed out photos like this to the press to try to locate Shaniya.

Later, McNeill was arrested.

Turns out he bragged to a couple buddies that he killed the girl and then buried her in an area that had deer carcases.

Cold blooded bastard.

There she is, folks. In the arms of the man who is now accused of raping and then murdering her.

No shoes. Not sure why that bothers me.

I wish I was able to reach into the computer screen and grab her.

Antoinette Davis was arrested for selling her daughter for sex. Many people on the Internet are assuming she might have given up her little girl because of a drug debt of some kind. She is pregnant with another child, and one reporter made comments that it seemed as though she was going through withdrawls during her first court appearance. What was she taking while pregnant? It's clear Ms. Davis doesn't care about anyone but herself.

I wish someone, somewhere could have done something.

This is where my crime post turns into something else...

Where was God when this little girl was being raped?

Where was God when she was being murdered?

Why didn't God help her?

You see, I used to really believe that our loving creator was watching out for us and helping us when we needed it. Sure, bad things happened... but you can't expect God to be everywhere... right? At least, that is what I told myself to make my beliefs make sense.

I remember listening to my teachers in church tell of the wonderful miracles God performed. Every once in a while, on the news, I would hear an amazing story in which people claimed their survival or the birth of a premature baby was nothing short of one of these miracles. Their stories were like proof to me. They enabled my belief.

You would also hear horror stories on the news. The wars, the abuse, the murders, the accidents that killed people that had promising lives ahead of them. What did I say to make myself feel better about these?

God has a reason for everything.

I have to ask you guys, the believers out there, one question.

What is the reason that God didn't help Shaniya? If God performs all of these miracles, saves lives, heals people, and works in mysterious ways, why didn't He help her?

He certainly had the time.

He could have stopped her father from allowing her to spend time at her mothers.

He could have performed some miracle that would stop the cold blooded murderer from first raping her and then taking her life.

He just didn't?

Did she not deserve God's help?

It's certainly not because people were not praying for her to come home safely. People all over the WORLD were holding their breath and pleading with God to intervene.

Why didn't he?

If God really exists, which I clearly doubt, he made the choice to *not* help Shaniya. After all, He sees and hears everything. God is supposedly everywhere, right?

Why would a loving God sit back and let this happen to a young child?

Why does he let this happen every single day to thousands of other children?

Why doesn't he heal childhood cancer?

If you claim he can, why doesn't he?

Where was God when this girl needed him?

Now I am at a crossroads. Usually I would take comfort in the fact that this little girl was up in heaven with the angels. Not feeling pain, not being afraid.

I don't have that anymore.


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