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Sometimes I feel like people are cheated out of life.

Today my Mom forwarded an email to me from a longtime family friend. He is dying of cancer, and was saying his goodbyes to the many co-workers and community friends he had in a short but meaningful email. It reminded me of my father's cancer and his goodbyes about 10 years ago.

I often wonder what it would have been like if my Dad were still around. If we would have caught the cancer sooner, if the treatments would have worked. I wonder if I would have ever gone to Orlando to work, if I would have met my roommate? Where would I be? That event in my life was a catalyst in making me realize that I needed to live my life now... because you never know when tomorrow might not be there.

It shows you what in life is really important.

The other day I was helping someone at work. The person was very impatient, in a hurry, and was short and rude with everyone she came into contact with. Unfortunately, something was wrong with my computer and it didn't add up her payment correctly. She went to my boss and called me a moron, a stupid bitch, and told him I should be fired. My boss laughed at her when she left... the only thing I could think was that I wonder how she would act if something that REALLY mattered went wrong.

People get upset over very simple things. Maybe McDonald's got your order wrong, or maybe some A-Hole cut you off on the drive to work this morning... those things don't really matter. The people you love matter.

I suppose I wish people would stop and smell the roses... while they are at it they can stop and smell the tulips and the marigolds, too. Remember to treat the people you love with great care, because you never no when they might not be there anymore. I speak from experience.

Sometimes life isn't fair. Sometimes people die long before their time. I suppose there is only one being out there who knows when it is someone's time to go, and maybe there is some big lesson for everyone to learn, but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

My heart goes out to my friend and his family. They are all good people, and I know the pain they are in all too well.