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I have been a fan of games like "The Sims" and "Roller Coaster Tycoon" for a very long time. I used to buy every expansion pack, and play until late in the night. Since the big move, I haven't had the money to keep my game collection up, so I decided to find some fun online sim games to play for free. You might like them too! These games are all found on a free games website called check it out.

Delicious 2

You are the lead character, Emily. You run your own delicious restaurant/quick service counter. Make sure you get their orders right, and in a hurry so you make enough money to make it to the next level. Those tricky smoothies take longer than the other foods, so don't forget to make them first!!

Diner Dash 2

Here is a free online version of Diner Dash. If you have never played this, you are missing out. I was addicted to this game quickly. Seat the diners, take their order, deliver it from the kitchen, and then bus the table quickly... if you make them angry, you won't make enough money to make it to the next level. There are power-ups and tricks to make the game more fun.

Youda Camper

You are basically the owner and operator of a campsite. You design the layout, parking lots, sizes of tents, roads, restrooms, and landscaping. Don't forget to keep the campers happy, or you won't make enough money to keep your campsite open!