Patriarchal Blessings

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People who have never been in or around the Mormon Church will have no idea what a patriarchal blessing is... so bear with me for a moment or two while I explain it.

Patriarchal Blessings are given by the stake patriarch, usually an older white man who has been in the church his entire life. He must be very faithful and able to receive "revelation" about the youngsters in his care. He is supposedly able to place his hands on a teenagers head, and pray out loud and tell the child about their life before they were born, as well as what to expect for the rest of their lives. It's part fortune telling in my opinion. There is always a tape recorder there so the patriarch can type up his "inspired" blessing and give it to the kid to keep for the rest of their life.

Kids are usually 13-17 when they get their patriarchal blessing, and they are told to fast for 24 hours in order to help the patriarch with his prayer for you. Also, you are told that your blessing is very sacred, which is Mormon-speak for secret, and you shouldn't share it with anyone but your parents in some cases. People are human, and they do end up sharing the blessings on occasion... and when they do, they are usually shocked that their blessing is almost identical to everyone else's. Here are a couple of examples of patriarchal blessings... the people who received these blessings agreed to share them online.

Brother Garry,

I lay my hands on your head and with the authority of the holy Melchizedek Priesthood I hold, I give you a patriarchal blessing. Garry, your blessing is to stay with you for the remainder of your days here on earth.

Your Heavenly Father is pleased that you hold His holy priesthood and that you are a member in good standing in church. You are an Israelite descended from Ephraim, the son of Joseph. This is the patriarchal line which has brought you to earth.

I bless you in your church callings, Garry, for you will be called to many different positions from time to time, to set an example and lead people in the work of your Heavenly Father here on earth. The calls you receive in the church are intended to give you practise and exercise in the knowledge of the gospel you have.

The time will come when you will be called to serve a mission for your Heavenly Father to seek out the honest in heart from this world of unbelief and trouble we are placed in. It will be a time of learning for you, a time to learn to rely on the arm of your Heavenly Father. You will come from it a strong and mature person, well able to cope with anything the world may present to you. Above all you will have an amazing testimony of the gospel that approaches knowledge and wisdom.

You will be called to positions of responsibility to direct the lives of the saints of God, to keep them on the path of truth and righteousness, as a judge in Israel. I bless you in your working day, Garry. As you meet the obligations and trials of your working day with a clear conscience and a prayer to your Heavenly Father you will overcome the obstacles before you. You will be able to progress in your work and find opportunities to study your real interests, the creative constructive work you desire in righteousness. There are many people who can help you if you but seek them out, they will direct you in a manner to fulfil those things you desire.

Garry, the time will come when you will meet a young lady who loves you dearly, someone you are able to take to the Temple of the Lord. She will be sealed to you for all eternity. The love between you will be your choicest possession and your greatest responsibility in this life for it is intended to last throughout the eternities and is a gift from your Heavenly Father. A family will be added to you to grace your days and give you experience. There will be wonderful spirits amongst them to bring you joy with their accomplishments.

Garry, the Lord is aware of you and you are numbered among His chosen sons. He has a busy and eventful future ahead of you. There will be times when you feel overworked, borne down by the pressures of responsibility. You must realize this is part of mortality, if you ask your Heavenly Father He will bring assurance to your heart that He knows of you and your problem and it will seem of small moment, for the future He has ahead of you is wonderful beyond your comprehension at this time.

His promise to you is sure and will not fail while ever you are keeping the commandments and doing what you know is pleasing to Him. You will be among those brought forth with the just at the first resurrection to greet your Saviour. I seal this blessing upon your head with the authority vested in me and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Now, notice how close this blessing is to the others who shared them... it's almost like there is a form letter the patriarch fills out and puts in a new name... also, the blessing pretty much spells out how the church wants people to live. "You will serve a mission, you will get married and have children, you will raise those children in the church, and you will serve honorable callings and work hard for the church." Every. Time.

Brother ***********, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, I lay my hands upon your head and give you a Patriarchal blessing which will be as the Spirit shall direct.

Bryce, you are of a choice lineage, even that of Joseph, who was sold into Egypt, through his son Ephraim. This choice lineage entitles you to all blessings of the new and everlasting covenant if you are true and faithful in keeping the laws and ordinances of the gospel.

You are privileged to have been born in a family who have taught you the gospel and correct principles. Continue to follow their counsel and admonitions and they will bless you as you put these principles into practice. You will be able to teach the things which your parents have taught you to others.

You have been born through a long line of noble ancestry and goodly parents. Always honor your heritage and do that which is expected of you. Never let peer pressure lead you into paths which would be wrong in the sight of the Lord.

Bryce, you were one of the choice, faithful, loyal sons of your Heavenly Father in your pre-earth life. So your spirit was reserved to come to earth at this time when the fullness of the gospel was upon the earth and in the dispensation of the fullness of time to perform a special mission which you were foreordained to do. You have been given gifts and talents in order for you to accomplish this mission. So continue to develope [sic] them and they will be a great blessing to you, to your family, and your associates.

You have been blessed to be a member of the only true and living church upon the earth and to have received the Aaronic priesthood. You have been faithful in this calling. As you continue to be worthy you will be blessed to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. As you magnify your calling in this priesthood you will eventually become a joint heir with Jesus Christ and receive all that the Father hath.

As you honor your priesthood you will be called to many important and responsible positions in the Church. As you teach by the Spirit and follow the counsel of those who have a right to guide and direct you, you will be a great influence for good and be able to set a proper example to those around you. You will enjoy your work and callings in the Church.

You have prepared and are preparing to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You will be blessed, as you go into the mission field, to be well prepared and be able to preach the gospel with power and authority to those you labor among. Your tongue will be loosed and you will be able to bring some of your contacts, with the help of the Lord, into the Church. This will bring much joy and happiness to you. You will be guided and directed on this mission and again be able to return to your family and loved ones in peace and in safety.

In due time of the Lord you will have a desire to seek for a choice companion. Such a one will be raised up for you. Seek for the guidance of the Lord in making this important decision of who you should marry. You and your chosen companion will go to the House of the Lord and there be sealed for time and all eternity. You will become a father in Israel and you will have the desire to raise up your children with a knowledge of the gospel. They will be a great blessing to you and to their associates. They will have a love of home and appreciate the things you have done for them.

You will have a desire to continue your education after your mission and time in the service. This knowledge will give you a vocation so that you will never lack for the necessities of life.

Continue to go to the Lord daily in prayer and to read the scriptures on a regular basis, particularly the Book of Mormon. Your knowledge, understanding, and comprehension of the gospel will continue to grow throughout your life.

You will see many of the prophecies fulfilled pertaining to the second coming of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As you follow the guidance of the living prophets you will be protected from the trials and tribulations which are going to occur prior to this great event. One of your responsibilities is to help build up the Kingdom of God here upon the earth in preparation for His coming.

You will be an influence for good, not only during the time of your mission and afterwards, but also during the time you spend in the service of your country.

Strive to establish a home where peace, love, and harmony abide. Hold your family home evenings. Sustain and support your beloved eternal companion in her responsibilities that she might do likewise for you.

Bryce, as you go through life be of good cheer. the Lord will bless you with peace of mind, and hope. If adversity should come He will bless you to overcome these things through the faith which you will have.

As you keep the commandments and follow the prompting of the Holy Ghost you will be blessed to receive some of the gifts of the Spirit. Among these gifts will be faith, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. These great gifts will greatly bless you in the responsibilities which will be yours.

Bryce, you are one of Heavenly Fathers [sic] special, loyal, [sic] sons and he loves you very much.

I seal these blessings upon you, Bryce, together with all former blessings which have been pronounced upon your head. I seal you up against the power of the destroyer that you might come forth on the morning of the first resurrection clothed with glory, immortality, and eternal life, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Again, the kid was told that he would be a missionary and that he would marry and have a family. What if the kid didn't want that? Too bad, it says right here that is what is going to happen... after all, the man giving the blessing is inspired by God himself, right?

Wrong again.

The people who shared these blessings were examples of people who have left the church. So much for the fortune telling aspect of it, huh?

My Mom loved her patriarchal blessing. She read it over and over again as a teenager and was proud that she would be a wife and mother one day. Her blessing was correct, because that is what she wanted for herself... not what someone else wanted for her. She was really surprised reading other blessings online and noticing how close they were to hers. Some were nearly identical.

In my opinion, these blessings are another way to brainwash kids into thinking that they have to do certain things. Making the kids feel like God was inspiring this man to say things is another way to hold onto them and make them do what you want them to. It's sad.