I Can Be Such A Dumbass...

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So, I finally got my tax refund in the mail. I have been looking forward to it for a very long time, because roomie and I need some stuff around the house. Most of all, I need some real furniture for my bedroom! I want some nice bedside tables and new bed clothes.

Today after work we stopped by the bank and deposited my check. Then we went to Wal-Mart. I hate the store, always have. I went there because it was close, and because going to any other stores would cost me more money. What I would give for a Target... *sigh*

I wandered up and down the aisles, cluttered with crates of yet-to-be stocked merchandise and shopping carts. Sometimes it feels like someone is always right next to me because the aisles are so close together and there is just NO ROOM! I like my space. Call me crazy.

I picked up a couple pairs of shorts, a few t-shirts, some sandals, and then went to the Bed and Bath section to check out what they had available for bedroom sets. I wasn't very impressed. Just the basic reversible plain colored comforters with matching sheets. There were also plaid comforters, and quilts. I wanted something more modern... more contemporary. I wasn't sure what that was exactly, but I knew I would know it when I saw it... and I was right.

I turned the corner and saw it. I loved it immediately.

It was cream colored with black flowers stitched on (very close to the one pictured above, couldn't find a photo of the exact comforter... mine has flowers stitched coming from the bottom of the comforter in a way to make it look like someone was sketching them on...) and it was beautiful. Then I did something stupid.

I spun around and smiled at roomie... "Thats it!! Love it!! Gotta have it!!" and picked up the bag that said, "FULL." I have usually seen bags that say "FULL/QUEEN" and didn't think anything of it. I grabbed a couple decorative pillows and threw everything in the shopping cart happy as a clam...

I got home and couldn't wait to put everything together. I finally had something that I really liked, in the new place. I put on the bed-skirt and noticed it was a little small. I thought I could live with it though, it did the job. Then... the fitted sheet. Ugh.

You could have probably heard me screaming the word, "DAMN!" throughout the whole county. I was disappointed.

Now, I have to return to the store I hate and return it. I sincerely hope they have one in the size I need (queen) and I can get the same look. If not, I suppose I only have myself to blame. I can be such a dumbass.