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90% of you guys already know of Fark.com. It's very popular, and it's been online for quite a long time... for a reason. It delivers the day's headlines from around the world with humor, and links to online articles in case you want to read more. The headlines are listed under different categories: Not News, Sports, Business, Geek, Showbiz, Politics, Music, Video and Voting.

Yesterday I sent the operators an email asking permission to share some of my favorite links every once in a while. Lucky for me, they had no problem with it. Don't forget to check the site out for yourself, you will be happy you did!!

(Abc.net.au) Amusing Dumb: Going to the gas station stoned. Dumber: Paying your tab with pot. Fark: There's a cop behind you

(WWL 870) Weird After Mother comes to school to confront son about his involvement in an armed robbery, he shoots himself in the leg three times to establish an alibi. Then, things get weird
(Some Guy) Interesting July 22, 1961: What life will be like in the year 2000