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Urban Legends are fun.

Remember the one about the lady who put her groceries in her car, heard a loud noise, thought she was shot in the head? Not only did she hear the noise and feel something hit her head, she felt something sticky at the back of her head and she actually thought it was her brain?

Story goes that the car was so hot, the tube of biscuit dough exploded and hit her in the head. The brains? That would be the dough itself... pretty funny huh? But is it true?

Lucky for people like me, goes out of it's way to hunt down and find actual proof of these urban legends. Here are a few of my favorite examples, I won't share if the story is true or not... you will have to go to for the answers! Simply click on any of the photos of the story to go directly to the page.

This might look like an ordinary mountain formation at first glance, but look at it sideways... do you see the praying mother and child? Is this photo real? or a well done fake?

These photos claim to be shots of hurricane Isabel in 2003. What do you think?

Is this photo for real, or is it doctored? This story went around in email boxes claiming that a Pennsylvania Pub created a 6 pound burger costing $23.95 on the menu.

These photos show a high-rise construction project being flooded by water. Apparently, there were cracks in the walls holding the water back, and the construction workers barely made it out of the way in time to save their own lives.

Is this video of UFOs flying over Haiti for real? The videos hit the internet in 2007, and many people couldn't stop talking about it.