New Genealogy Website... for Members Only.

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This upsets Buddha Belly, too!

As a quick update to my baptism for the dead article, I wanted to point something out.

It seems the Mormon Church is now keeping the genealogy lists of people who were baptized before or after their deaths on a new private website. This means that only members of the church can access these records.

Why is this? If their work is so important, and they are truly helping people who have died, why must this list stay secret? Is it because there has been so much uproar over people finding their deceased loved ones were baptized into the Mormon faith without their permission? Does the church think that they can do things quietly this way?

If you are going to baptize people after they are dead, those records should be available to everyone. Not only is baptism for the dead arrogant and immoral, keeping that from living family members is even worse.

I read something that stuck out to me and I would like to share it.

Since it is impossible to dunk all dead people, would God really be so unfeeling as to reject a soul because they didn't end up on an earthly list? Give me a break!

I couldn't agree more.


  1. bindy Says:

    "...would God really be so unfeeling as to reject a soul because they didn't end up on an earthly list?"

    My thoughts exactly! I have never heard of anything more arrogant and disrespectful than to baptize someone without their consent. Unbelievable!

  1. Sydney Says:

    Thanks for the comment Bindy!

    The whole idea of Baptizing someone without their permission is outrageous! It's so frustrating how most of my Mormon friends and family stick up for the practice by saying that "they have the right to deny the gospel in heaven."

    I have no idea what I believe in anymore, but if someone does that to me and I have the ability to come back and haunt them... I will. Hahaha... it's messed up.