Young Teen Alleging Rape Turns To YouTube

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One in four American women under the age of 25 report they have been sexually assaulted. That is only the number of women who REPORT the assault. Sexual assault is much, much more than hurting a young woman, it's taking something away from her she might never get back. Self-esteem, confidence, maybe even the constant fear that they will never be safe again... they might not trust men. It's horrific, and the numbers are scary as hell.

A young girl by the age of 16 posted a video on YouTube recently, while she was sobbing into the computer camera, she told of her attack, and warned other girls of the man who hurt her. Her case had been dropped by the Orange County, Florida prosecutors, and she had no where else to go for help (as well as to help others.)

While she was extremely brave by going to the authorities and the public at large, her actions are considered dangerous. What if the man who hurt her saw the video and decided to hurt her again, or murder her for what she was saying? Obviously the law's hands were tied if they dropped the charges, so there isn't much they could do for her legally if he contacted her again. Hopefully there is a restraining order in place.

Here is a link to the complete article from CNN, it's a good thing to read.

Please keep yourselves safe out there ladies! Remember it could happen to anyone, including you. Not trying to scare you, just putting a bug in your ear.