Mother's Day

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Well, today was eventful. Luckily for me, I didn't have many trips and falls today, although I did manage to get my t-shirt stuck on a shopping cart and almost rip it to shreds... but I won't go there. Today is all about Mothers.

My Mom is the best.

I honestly have no complaints about my childhood. Both of my parents were wonderful to me, and I never knew how good I had it until I became an adult and learned more about my friends' childhoods. Some were molested, some were physically abused, some were emotionally scarred from the things their parents said to them.

My parents were wonderful. If I ever had a problem, they were there. Once, in first grade, my teacher asked me to, "write my name without looking at it." I was confused as to why my teacher would ask me to do this, and I went home crying because I couldn't. Why? Because I thought she meant I had to write my name with my eyes closed. My Mom, being the calming force she is, told me it would be okay, and she would find out why my teacher was asking me to do this weird thing. Mom went to school with me the next day to talk to teacher, and they both had a big laugh about it. I could write my name without looking at it, she just didn't explain it the right way.

When I didn't get an invitation to the popular kids' party, my parents didn't tell me I was dumb for being sad. They understood why I was sad, and told me it was okay to feel that way. When I had a party, I should be sure to invite everyone who was nice to me and not just the popular kids. I did.

I learned more from my parents than I ever did in school. I learned that you should always be kind to server in a restaurant, and tip well. I learned that saying please and thank you is important. Always offer to share if you are the only one with food or drink. When you are invited to dinner, bring something... even if it's small. Smile. Rinse and Repeat.

I often wonder what I would be like as a mother... if I could even come close to the job that my Mom did I would be very happy. It's a scary thought, me being in control of another living human... what if I really goofed it up? What if I had no idea what I was doing? How the hell do you cure diaper rash, anyway? It would be easier if I were married, or even living with someone, but I am definitely single... and happy that way. Could I do it by myself? Would I have enough money? It's scary.

I would like to thank all the mothers out there... I give you credit for doing a job that is truly the hardest thing anyone can do.

Happy Mothers Day!