Pizza Hut Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers

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Roomie and I ordered pizza for his birthday dinner, and I noticed something new on their menu. I had to try it. Could it be possible? A perfect blend of two of my favorite things? Chocolate and Pizza Hut?

These dippers are a completely different thing than their previous dessert, baked cinnamon sticks. I liked the cinnamon things, but they were just breadsticks with cinnamon and icing... I also hated the fact that when you ordered breadsticks and cinnamon sticks in the same order, you ended up with one lone breadstick halfway covered with cinnamon and halfway covered in breadstick topping. Ick.

These desserts are worth it in my opinion... It looks like the breadstick base you would see on the cinnamon desserts, but these have a different texture and taste to them. They are covered with milk chocolate and white chocolate mini-chips, and they arrive with a little cup of Hershey's rich dipping sauce.

They are more expensive than the cinnamon sticks, but worth it. You might want to spring for an extra cup of chocolate sauce if you love the chocolate taste as much as I do!!



  1. Anonymous Says:

    These are the embodiment of America.

  1. : ) Says:

    HOLY SHIZNIT these things are AWESOME. I am addicted. ahhhh

  1. Andee Says:

    They are pretty good. I haven't had any in a while now. :)

  1. Jimboroni Says:

    When I saw the commercial, I thought the dippers would just be breadsticks covered in chocolate. But since you say that it's a different recipe, I might have to give them a try. Is it more cake-like or something?

  1. Andee Says:


    Sorry I forgot to reply to your question! I try to keep up with all the comments on my blog, but this one escaped me.

    The chocolate dunkers seem more cake-like to me. My Roommate didn't really notice a difference in the texture, but Pizza Hut Breadsticks are one of my favorites so I could really tell that the texture was slightly different.

    It might just be my imagination, though. I could be wrong. :) Thanks for the comment! I will be better at responding next time... promise!


  1. Anonymous Says:

    sorry to break it to you but im a cook at pizza hut and chocolate dunkers are just breadsticks with chocolate crap on em. they use the same breading although i agree it still does taste different.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I just tried them. They are kinda gross, but I still ate them since sweets are my weakness! haha! Anyways they taste too much like pizza, cuz they are just breadsticks, and the chocolate dip is a lot like that Hersheys chocolate syrup that you can put on sundays or make chocolate milk with, and I HATE that nasty syrup. Yet you have to put a lot of the sauce on to make them taste not so much like pizza. They need to take the garlic or butter or w/e it is out of the bread sticks and add a lil brown sugar instead. They are pretty lame that they cant even make different dough. cheap lazy bastards just trough chocolate on something that isn't meant to be sweet, and call it dessert.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    lmao at December 6th, poster...I think I'm gonna stick to the garlicy or the cheese ticks. They're cheaper--maybe I'll try em next month!

  1. Anonymous Says:

    whatever haters, These things are SOOOOOO GOOOD!!! They taste nothing like pizza, they're even really good without the hershey's sauce