Obedience The First Law of Heaven

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Before the birthday movie-fest, Roomie and I did a little spring cleaning... well, I made him help me do some spring cleaning. We cleaned out the laundry room, did all the dishes, dusted, and due to our lack of a vacuum cleaner, we swept the carpet. The place looks really nice now.

When we were cleaning the counters, I came upon a January 2008 copy of the Ensign. I almost threw it right into the giant trash bag, but decided to flip through it on a little break. I should have tossed it. It would have saved me a little anger. One of the first articles listed is "Obedience, The First Law of Heaven," written by William D. Oswald.

I know that many people (not just Mormons) believe they have to be obedient to God in order to get into heaven. I know many Mormons who take that a lot further, and make sure they are obedient to everything the living prophet says and tells them. Obedience means a lot in the Mormon faith, but shouldn't there be some thought in there to?

1. The Lord Will Prepare a Way If We Are Obedient

Who decides who is obedient? Who do we need to be obedient to? If God comes down from Heaven and talks to me personally, I will be obedient...

If someone isn't obedient to the prophet, for example, they drink and love coffee, they are not going to be helped by God? What sense does that make?

2. Obedience Is the Armor That Will Protect Us From Evil

That little line right there is impossible to prove. If someone is hurt by a random act of violence, should their living family members assume it was because they were not obedient? What about people of other faiths that are protected in times of need by "miracles?" This is a promise that can't be proven wrong, therefore the faithful believe it.

When Brigham Young told people that they should kill someone immediately if they mix their seed with those "cursed by Cain." For those of you new to this, the curse of Cain is dark skin. Brigham Young says that anyone with light skin having babies with anyone with dark skin should die. I wonder how many were obedient then?

When do you stop being obedient? When do you realize the prophet is off his rocker and out of his mind? Do you realize it? Are you following him too blindly to realize it? You just assume God has a good reason for these insane rules?

In my opinion, God doesn't talk to specific people. There is no such thing as a prophet, especially when that prophet is trying to get things out of you like time and money. A real prophet of God would never ask for things like tithing settlement. A real prophet would be about God, not about a 2 billion dollar mega mall in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It doesn't add up.

I am obedient in ways, I am good to people. I treat others as I would want to be treated. I help out when I see someone struggling. I believe that is the good thing to do. I certainly don't do it because some guy in a suit tells me I should.


  1. Grandpa Heaton Says:

    Your comments are interesting to me. Being obedient means that we subject our will to the Father in Heaven. No one should blindly follow the prophet or anyone else in the flesh. As for me I pray (as you said the only way that you would be obedient is if God told you himself)for an answer from God. He either confirms to me or not that what is said by anyone is from Him. So far the score is: 100% right for the prophets teaching me. For others that I trust enough to pray about the record is less favorable. YOu ought to try it with a sincere heart and see what you find.

    I didn't necessarily appreciate the Brigham quote. He had a great many things that he said. This is one small one that detractors use. How about quoting the rest that read a more favorably?

    Love you. Enjoy your coffee. I prayed about that too. Prophets were right. Coffee Bad! All it does is give you headaches when you don't have it and a lot of other little maladies like bad belly, the jitters etc. etc.

    Prayer is the soul's sincere desire. You enter Heaven through prayer.

  1. Grandpa Heaton Says:

    Hey Andee,

    I forgot. I always ask this of those that have left the church. Why do you never comment on the things that you know that the church (its people) and their leaders do right? If you are truly the free thinker that you purport you are, why not put the good things that you left to balance out some of the junk that you feel is so wrong? But alas. that would require you to be honest wouldn't it?