Hit and Run

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Ahh, thank heavens for days off from work. I did nothing today. Nothing. I sat on my computer chair for hours, and ate tons of junk food. I also worked on my "garden." I put that in quotations because I live in an apartment, and my garden consists of 5 garden containers of red, white and purple flowers. It's definitely nothing to write home about... but I guess it's something I write to my blog about. :)

The weather is starting to get warm, finally. Just a couple weeks ago we had snow falling, and we even had a minor hail storm today. The temperature was warm enough for me to open the French doors and let in some fresh air. Abbey Road loves to climb the screen that keeps the kittens from going outside and those pesky bugs from getting inside. I keep having to walk over and get her little claws out of the screen. When I picked her up a little bit ago, she got a little upset with me and scratched my face. I am now sporting a giant scratch on my eyelid that just finally stopped bleeding. It looks like I have been in a bar room brawl.

I would like to share something that bugged me a little this morning...

The other day I posted about some of the ways Mormon's in my life have tried to reach out to me to get me active again. One of the methods was called a "hit and run." It's when someone drops something on your porch or leaves you a message taped to your door. It always annoyed me how I didn't get the chance to respond to these type of contacts, because the person was gone by the time I got the message...

Sometimes I get the feeling that many of the TBM's who leave comments on my blog do the same thing. They pop in, out of nowhere, leave a comment telling me how wrong I am and how much I lie, and they never return to read my reply. They might read it, but they don't respond. I suppose it makes them feel they got the last word, when in reality, they are not backing up their own claims.

When people tell me that I am lying or that I have my facts, mostly historical, messed up, they claim that I don't know what I am talking about. I ask them time and time again to tell me exactly what I said that wasn't honest, but they never say.

It makes me wonder if they really have the facts to back up their claims. If you are going to call me dishonest, a liar, an anti-Mormon, tell me exactly what I said to make you believe that... prove me wrong. No one has done that so far... and I certainly give many people the chance.

You might disagree with my opinions or my facts, but if you are going to say something like that, you are going to have to prove me wrong.


  1. Alli8 Says:

    I think you are great. I love reading your site.


  1. Sydney Says:

    Thank you Alli8!! It means so much!