Now I Am A Grown-Up...

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Yesterday I shared the news that I found a bed set that I liked but didn't get the right size... lucky for me they had the size I needed in stock and all turned out well. There were two ladies behind the customer service counter at Wally-World, and I got the nice and fast one. Yeah!

Roomie and I walked around for a little bit and I told him I was going to get him a birthday present for him. He immediately smiled and went straight for the electronics. Oh. Dear. Lord. Lucky for me he picked out a small stereo ($40) and it wasn't very expensive. The tax check is now gone, but I love the things I got.

It's kind of sad how material things make me happy... well, I wouldn't say that. It's not the material things that make me happy... it's the atmosphere it creates. I like being in a place that is quiet and serene. Somewhere where I can relax and read. Now, I have a couple nightstands, lamps, and a new look for my bed. It truly looks like a grown-up lives in that room now. No more mix-ed up odd and ends blankets and sheets. No cardboard boxes covered with stapled blankets for nightstands... it's real furniture.

I have arrived.