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I am a klutz.

I break more dishes than anyone else I have ever met in my life. I trip and fall daily. Once, I even fell *up* a flight of stairs. Trust me, it's possible.

I guess it's something in my blood. My parent's were not clumsy in the least. As a matter of fact they were both athletes and my Mom certainly knows her way around the dance floor. What is it about my genetic makeup that causes me so many embarrassing events?

My senior year in high school I was given a drama award. It was really cool. The entire school was there. Everyone was sitting in the bleachers, including me, and the principal called me to the stage to pick up the certificate and pin for my jacket. I walked slowly so I wouldn't fall, but unfortunately that wasn't enough protection from my huge dumbo-feet. I proceeded to tumble down the bleachers in front of the entire student body. Good times. Really.

Couple years later I was opening a window in my bedroom. The stupid latch broke and the entire (heavy) window crashed down on 3 of my fingers. Black and blue, swollen, and downright scary to look at.

That same year I took up roller-blading. I still like to go... can't wait to get out there this year. Anyway, I was skating down the street and missed a twig... and before you know it both of my feet were in the air, and my entire body weight landed on my elbow. I was more stunned than anything. It didn't start hurting until about an hour later... I couldn't do anything for a couple weeks... even brush my own freaking hair!

Where am I going with this? Well.. today I had what I like to call a "Sydney Moment."

Roomie was passing me a soda (very nice of him... don't you think?) as I was getting ready to sit down at the computer chair. Unfortunately for me, the chair wasn't exactly where I thought it was, and I fell flat on my ass and Diet Dr. Pepper was EVERYWHERE! I won't even begin to tell you how much this little event scared my cats. They were terrified of my loud shrieks and roomies insanely loud laughter.

My ass hurts.