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This is a subject that really gets me worked up, and since the Mormon Church doesn't share it's financial records with the world (very conveniently) there is no way to prove how much the church is worth, or how it spends it's money. That is precisely how they want it, and that is how they will keep it for as long as they can. They have a good thing going, and they know it.

Millions of Mormons pay tithing monthly to their bishop. Some pay 10% of their gross income, some pay 10% of what they have left over after paying bills and feeding their sometimes large families. Rent, food, water, electricity, car, gas, clothes, school costs. Add it all up, and that 10% extra could really help these families out. Lets face it, the United States of America is going downhill right now in regards to the economy. I don't see how a church that can spend 2 billion buckaroos on a shopping plaza/condominium complex (a ritzy one at that) can honestly continue to take money from people who are struggling.

Yes, I know. Tithing isn't about money. At least, that is what I was told. It was supposed to be about sacrifice and showing the Lord that you were honoring him.

I get that. Kind of.

Here is the thing.

Mormons claim that none of the money from the 2 billion dollar shopping disaster came from tithing. Where did this money come from then? It came from the many, many, many business and dealings that the church owns. Newspapers, stores... you name it... they probably have it. If they don't own it outright, they probably have stock in it. Again, I don't have proof, but if I am wrong, where did the money come from? Heavenly Father?

My point is, that the money DID come from tithing. Many, many years ago tithing money was put into investments. Those investments paid off, and paid off well. Now the church has tons of money just sitting around waiting for special projects like this one. Lets not forget the amount of money that goes into building a temple! The finest of marble, the best artwork, that costs some mega-bucks, right? They don't hide the fact that that money comes from tithing. It all came from tithing. All of it. Just not recently.

The tithing excuse doesn't fly with me. Not by a long shot.

There are people in the world who don't have food to eat. There are families who are looking in their fridge right now wondering where they will find the money to buy milk for their kids. There are families living in tents because they have nowhere to go. There are people in the world who don't have medicines they need to survive. There are people who need vaccines.

Is building a 2 billion dollar city block really something Jesus would do?

My heart falls thinking about the money that goes into the limos, fine apartments, tailors, food preparations, and other things the prophet and his lovely apostles "need." I have heard on more than on occasion that Monson has to have his milk at an extremely cold temperature, and pitches a fit if it's too warm. Keep in mind, I have no proof of this, and I admit it... but if that is true, what would he say to the family who doesn't have milk at all?

I think the church does do good with it's money. I just think they could do SO much more. It breaks my heart. There are rich people all over the world, I know this. It's just hard seeing men who are supposedly very kind and giving, living the high life, making decisions on things like this without any second thought to the good that money could do to people suffering right now.

I will get hate mail up the yin-yang for this, but there is no way a decision to spend this money in this way was inspired. No. Freaking. Way.

The. End.



  1. Russell Earl Kelly, PHD Says:

    All tithing is wrong, especially the way the LDS does it. For over 150 articles see:

  1. Demand More Says:

    I agree! I hate that some people feel like it if is a choice before tithing and your mortgage that they have to pay tithing! It makes me so mad.