Long Story

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My apologies for not updating the blog for the past few days. It's a long and boring story, so I will entertain you with a completely fictional version of my weekend... don't worry, the dull truth will be revealed at the end of the post.

It all started the other night at work. I was helping people at
work and doing my best when a tall and handsome man walked up to me and asked me if my name was Andee. I pointed at my nametag and rolled my eyes and said, "Yeah... my name is Andee." It reminded me of the times when I worked at
theme parks. I would have to wear really outrageous outfits to fit into
the theme of the area, and people would constantly walk up to me and say,
"Excuse me miss... do you work here?" No lady, I just love wearing this
uniform. Duh...

Instead of the gentleman getting upset at my attempt at dry humor, he
smiled and laughed. He told me his name was Roarke, and he spoke with a
thick English accent.

Roarke told me he was a fan of my blog, and I was shocked. First,
because I had no idea how the hell he tracked me down at work, and second
because he actually liked my blog. Lets face it, most of the comments here
are negative (at least the ones I receive in email).

He went on to tell me that he wanted to offer me a position in his
company. The money would be good, and the benefits even better.
After making sure I wasn't selling my soul to the devil, I agreed to join him
for dinner. We discussed everything, we gelled. We... we fell in

We hopped on his private jet and flew to Vegas. We were married
by Elvis (yes, the real Elvis!) and for our honeymoon we sat on the beaches of
Deleware. Talking, laughing, and just relaxing.

We made plans for the future. With his vast wealth I would be
able to go back to college, something I have been wanting to do for years.
He would help me with that, as well as photography... and to top it all off, he
promised he would help me open my own business. A bookstore... very
classy. Wood shelving, hard to find books, first editions, collectors
items... there would be comfortable chairs and internet access. On the
upper loft, a combination coffee shop and full service bakery. The
business would make millions alone with my Mom's recipe for butterscotch cookies and peanut butter bars... trust me.

As we sat on the beach planning our future, we realized how happy and
wonderful our lives were going to be because we had found each other. We
are planning on a family once I am finished with school, I can't wait to be a

The End

How was that for an obviously fake explanation?

The truth? Okay... I will tell you the truth...

Our internet connection kept failing, and roomie and I decided to go ahead and upgrade for a faster service. While shopping for the extras we would need for the new service, we saw an fantastic deal on a new computer. We went half-and half and bought it. It's so freaking nice. I love it. I don't have to wait 5 minutes every time I have to start the computer, it's fast and really cool.

I now have to find my old bookmarks, and add them to my new bookmarks. Reinstalling my photo software probably wont be that big of a deal, but it might take some time.

I have the next couple days off from work, so I promise more updates soon. I have been writing for the blog, but have been able to actually publish the things I wanted to say. Soon!