Who's Not Worthy?

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Yet another photo I took today...

A few minutes ago, I finished a conversation with dear roomie about the major problems I have with the church. He was raised a roman catholic, and he still can't wrap his brain around some of the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Baptism for the dead, temple names, temple recommends and others (many others) make him shake his head and roll his eyes on occasion. I can't say I blame him... although some of the things Catholics do make me roll my eyes and shake my head. It goes for parts of every religion.

Anyway, he told me that I should just resign and get it over with because they are not worthy to have me as a member.

He is so right.

My whole life I tried to be good enough to fit their standards. I didn't want to be married or have kids right away... I wanted to figure out who I was first. The church simply doesn't appreciate that. They claim you are not living the life God wants for you. How would they know?

They have lied, they have covered up those lies, and they continue to do so. It kills me that I am waiting for someone from the church to contact me about my blog... I am just waiting. They will no doubt want to excommunicate me for the things I have said and shared. They certainly wouldn't think I am worthy to be a Mormon.

Mormons are judged by their leaders constantly. In temple recommend interviews they are asked to spill their deepest and darkest secrets in exchange for that golden ticket to the temple.

Even non-Mormons are judged when the church doesn't let them in the temple...

It bugs me that an organization as deceitful as theirs think it's their right to pick and choose who is good enough. Would they be able to pass the temple recommend interview? Doubtful. Honesty seems pretty damned important in that list of questions, doesn't it?

I don't think they are worthy of me.



  1. James Says:

    How would any leader benefit from you leaving going to church? Based only on selfish reasons, nobody cares if you go. But they do care if you go. They want you to be there so you can find joy in your life. So you can better understand God. If you are truly happy with your life then that is fine, but if you ever find that you need something more. That you need to feel something more. I suggest you throw your pride aside and learn what it really means to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.