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My thanks to Jahedgpeth and HikerR at for bringing this little gem to my attention...

It's no secret that I think a lot of Mormons, specifically Mormons living in Utah, are more concerned about the image they project instead of actually following the guidelines set by their religion. It's just my opinion, and I know this doesn't apply to everyone. Thats right... you angry true-believers can take a deep breath and relax. I am not talking about you.

I also know that dressing modestly isn't specific to Mormonism...

LDS Image Integrity is a website associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, although I am not sure that the church actually endorses the site. The main contributor, Judy Rasband, feels that image projects perfection.

The author of the site goes into great detail about what Mormons should be wearing and why. There is even a section for infants. Yes... really. Not kidding.

There are so many rules, and unspoken laws that it's hard to keep up. No wonder the FLDS all had the same "look." They had to conform to be a part of the group. They had to prove to their prophet that they accepted the church in every aspect of their life.

Some people claim that I over-simplify things. That I don't consider ALL the pros or cons in a situation where I dislike the rules. I disagree, especially in this case.

Sure, I understand that dressing modestly is important to those in the LDS faith. I have never had too much of a problem with it. Personally, I don't like to dress provocatively. It's not something I like to do. I have only owned one bikini during my entire 29 years on the planet. No matter what, though, I always seemed to cross some kind of boundary in my clothing. It had nothing to do with the style or cut of the clothes, more of what was on them that made my leaders freak out.

I do remember going to a Wednesday night Young Women's activity and being told that my t-shirt was inappropriate because it had an MTV logo on it. I asked where the rule was written that we couldn't wear MTV logos, and no one could explain. It was pretty typical of most of the unwritten "laws" Mormons have to follow. I do find it weird, to say the least, that a prophet claimed that women should only have one set of earrings in their ears. I think it's strange that so much emphasis is put on hair and clothing. Why?

There are so many other things you could and should be working on!

Lets face it folks, God isn't going to give a flying rats ass if our shorts were a little too short. He doesn't care if you put off getting a haircut.

What will God care about?

How many people you helped, and how many times you put the needs of others before your own. The time we spend talking about what is and isn't acceptable clothing is wasteful. We could be spending that time working at a soup kitchen, or checking in on neighbors. Heaven forbid we check on our neighbors with more than one set of earrings... what would they think? The horror!

A recent article in the Mormon-owned Magazine, The Ensign, had this to say about modesty in dress...

Our bodies are the temples of our spirits. Additionally, our bodies are the means by which we can bring souls from the presence of God to their mortal state. When we recognize our bodies as the gifts they are and when we understand the missions they help us fulfill, we protect and honor them by how we act and dress.

In everyday living, immodest clothing such as short shorts, miniskirts, tight clothing, shirts that do not cover the stomach, and other revealing attire are not appropriate. Men and women—including young men and young women—should wear clothing that covers the shoulder and avoid clothing that is low cut in the front or back or revealing in any other manner. Tight pants, tight shirts, excessively baggy clothing, wrinkled apparel, and unkempt hair are not appropriate. All should avoid extremes in clothing, hairstyle, and other aspects of appearance. We should always be neat and clean, avoiding sloppiness or inappropriate casualness.

Hmmm... so nothing too short, tight clothes are bad... but so are baggy clothes... lets see... oh! I need to iron all my stuff now... and I should carry a brush with me at all times, of course.


I don't think that people should walk around flaunting everything they have. I don't enjoy spandex on anyone (that includes you, mister neighbor man who wears a speedo at the apartment complex pool! Eeeew. At least shave your back hair!) I don't think it's my place to tell others what they should do, either. In this case, Mr. Speedo man is perfectly allowed to go to the pool in his ugly attire, and I would never dream of telling him to go home and change into something more modest.

Ahh... the thinking has been done for us.

Dress the way the want.
Behave the way they want.
Give them our money.

Blech! I am me. Take me as I am. Damnit.


  1. angrymormonliberal Says:

    Hey Windy Sidney, love reading your blog.

    I've run into Judith Rasband before, she's a shameless self promoter with a ton of websites all linking back to her 'Conselle Institute of Image Management' She has this unbelievable skill of saying the most outrageous things with a straight face... for example the 'wiskers' on jeans popular a few years ago? A sign of the decline of western civilization because it was suggestive (in her warped mind) of pubic hair... I think that one even made Slashdot...

    She's shameless about promoting her stuff through LDS channels

    And from reading her website, she's getting increasingly crazy.

  1. Andee Says:


    She definitely seems shameless. I certainly wouldn't want to run into her. After reading on the website for 15 minutes or so I could tell that she thinks her crap doesn't stink.

    Strange lady!

    Thank you for reading :) Comment any time!

  1. Steve-o Says:

    I noticed that whiskered jeans thing on her site, too. I had no idea such sites even existed, but it's frightening. We might as well all wear burkas so we can be modest and not suggest anything at all by the way we dress.

    Thanks for the trip into the twilight zone...